Demon Hunter Shadow World Tier List 2024 & Best Classes

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Hi guys, welcome to our Demon Hunter Shadow World Tier List, In this guide, you find Demon Hunter Shadow World Best Classes and Characters available in the game. This game is also known as Shadow Hunter Lost World. This is an action -game, the game has a very good combat system in which you can fight against different bosses.

In Demon Hunter Shadow World each class has its own Skills, in this post, you can also find some Demon Hunter Shadow World Best Build and Weapon Tier List so come and take a look at this guide.

Demon Hunter Shadow World Tier List 2024

  • Leo Griffinheart – Tier S
  • Lady Freya – Tier S
  • Rosalia – Tier A
  • Ace – Tier A
  • Claire Catherine – Tier B
  • Hunter – Tier C

Leo Griffinheart –

Make sure you max out the bonus you get from equipment sets, that will give you a little boost and you also get a bonus from equipment sets…. In general, at the beginning of the game, you mix a x3 and x2 hybrid to get this, Until you can start collecting the equipment you want.

Equipment Sets: Shadow Knight for a skill and mobility build… Hollowslayer for a Crit build (normal attack) High critical normal attack… Soulthirst for a high normal attack hybrid skill build with an attack perk. These are probably your best options for gear ATM.

Unless you are a big spender, then maybe look at banner gear. Hollowslayer seems to be the best gear set at the moment,  It’s a normal attack build.

Some people use different builds for Arena and Tower: go take a look at the leaderboard and see what builds other people are using. This will also give you some insight into the best Orbs and Runes people use.

Level up as much as you can: runes and orbs, characters and gear.

Leo: basically you have to keep practicing and try to learn his attack patterns and then avoid them. Early game Sacraficial Sword with Thrust for (Garett) will help. Some people also do well with the Black gear and Black Weapon from the fragment shop.

If you’re investing in Leo, here are some must have:



1)Divine set for chapter 1,2,4
2)El Diablo set for chapter 3


1)Best choice: Skyfall saber for chapter 1,2,4
2)2nd choice: Divine saber (it’s more of a skill build weapon)
3)El Diablo saber for chapter 3.


1)Shocking Logius is the best for Leo so far when it comes to lightning spirit (followed by the Shocking Storm spirit)
2)Fire Hollow Death is the best for normal attack build when it comes to fire spirit.
3)Drake the Fire Alvar is the best for skill attack build when it comes to fire spirit.



1)HollowSlayer set (make sure you have high crit chance from the weapon or spirit)
2)SoulThirst set


Affliction saber for chapter 3


Brute assassin is great to boost your crit chance if you are able to mythic it. When you are using HollowSlayer set, this guy will be a good choice.

Leo can be a hybrid character. But he seems stronger in normal attack builds for me.


Demon Hunter Shadow World Ace Build

Weapon: Deep Sapphire Axe 10% 1 skill crit stat (The other 3 best stats are: skill damage, attack %,
defense penetration)

Equipment: Hollowslayer set 10% skill crit

Spirit: Cold Ethereal Necro (mythic) 12.5% skill crit


  • Fury Charge (charm 2) 30% skill crit
  • Wrath of Axe (charm 2)30% skill crit
  • Spinning Axe main output skill

Total skill crit chance:

  • 5% (basic) +10% +10% + 12.5% + 30% + 30%=
  • 97.5% (edited)

Demon Hunter Shadow World Weapon Tier List

Weapons priority stats:

Best stats generally are: Attack% Normal Attack and Crit chance.

What is best for a weapon really depends on the character- the build and your individual playstyle…

For PVP (Arena against AI)– Attack% – Crit chance- pvp damage – 4th stat depends on a variety of factors — (your individual playstyle – skills in your rotation – characters used and gear/weapon – orb build) Note ~ Please keep in mind once the arena goes live against real players this will probably change…

BOSS – attack% – crit chance – bonus boss damage (4th – depends on build – see above) Skills are going to give the biggest dps and quicker kill so look at skill attack? Skill build… Or another boost to dps is a crit build… You need to test different weapons and explore different character weapon/ gear orb builds — find what works best for you…

Campaign and Tower – Normal attack – attack% – crit chance (4th sub again see above) Defence penetrative would be useful again defence curse and shield – crit damage if you have a high crit build – straight attack – has its place and use – gives dps boost… The tower you want is a Normal attack above anything because you need speed to get the best score… So you want to be able to one hit with a Normal attack…

There is no right or wrong – stats on swords do depend on many factors – it’s hard without knowing your playstyle- gear set – the individual sword as well… There isn’t any clear true answer… I hope what I provide will give you a place to bounce off and go onwards to learn for yourself

Demon Hunter Shadow World Skill Tier List

Demon Hunter Shadow World Tier List

Best substats for items:

Sword: Attack % increase -> Skill % increase -> Attack # increase -> Skill Crit % / Crit % -> Skill Crit Damage/ Crit Damage -> Bonus Boss Damage %

Helmet, Boot, Chest: Attack -> Movement(if shadow knight) / Defense(if sacrifical)

Ring, Amulet:  Bonus Boss Damage % -> Defense (if sacrifical) -> Bonus Exp/ Bonus Equip/ Bonus Gold %

Best Armor Sets: Soulthirst(hard to use) -> shadow hunter -> sacrifical

To use activate soulthirst 40% damage increase you must not be hit for 5 seconds which means you can’t ever get hit or the armor will be trash.

That’s it for our Demon Hunter Shadow World Tier List Guide. If you liked it, you can share this guide on social media. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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