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Demon Souls Simulator Trello – Faq & Pet Update 3.0

1) How do I get souls?

A: In order to get Souls, you must defeat the demons around the map. Use your character’s skills and basic attacks to kill these demons!

2) How can I get new characters?

A: At spawn, there is something called the prayer platform. You are able to receive new characters from there. Make sure you have enough souls that you need (Required amount is listen above the door on the platform).

3) How do I get EXP for my characters?

A: You are able to get more EXP for characters through the Prayer Platform. Get the same of one character and you get EXP for that character!

4) How do I unlock the locked areas?

A: You have to reach the level listed on the barrier for at least one character. For example, you need to at least get to level 20 with any character in order to pass the first barrier.

5) What is the β€œMugen City”?

A: The Mugen City is a boss area. There are currently 4 different bosses. Muzan’s first form, woman form muzan, child form muzan, and Muzan’s final form. More bosses in the future..?

6) What are quests?

A: Quests are unlocked at level 30 and allow you to gain souls and legendary exp crystals upon completion.

7) What are exp shards?

A: Exp shards are dropped once achieving level 30. Level 50 and bosses drop them when becoming level 30?

8) How does the β€œMugen Train” work?

A: The Mugen Train is a new area with rounds of enemy’s. Go 1 on 1 with demons to make your way to the top and be the number 1 on the leaderboard where you can earn cool prizes depending on your ranking so make your way through to be the number 1 demon hunter!!!!

How do I get UR/RR characters in Demon Souls Simulator?

RR characters can be obtained through Rainbow Crates which require Rainbow Keys to open. You can obtain Rainbow Keys through server event(s) and/or a 0.01% chance from S-Tier mission drops.

UR characters can be obtained by completing all the available quests listed in ds quest and/or by taking part in ds moon. Keep in mind that ds moon is still under development and the ETA date is still uncertain.
How do I add/remove characters from my team?

Use ds team add [id] to add a character to your team.
Use ds team remove [id] to remove a character from your team.

How do I view all my characters?

Use ds list {rarity} to view all your characters.
Use ds all {rarity} to view all the available characters within the bot.

How do I upgrade my characters?

You will receive β˜…1 each per duplicate of the character you summon. If you have full stars on a character and summon another duplicate, you will receive a certain amount of Moon Fragments/Nichirin Stones in return.
How do I earn Moon Fragments and what are they for?

You can obtain them through:
– Summoning regular character duplicates.
– Completing certain quests.
– Successfully completing tower missions.

They can be used for:
– Summoning special character.
– Purchasing certain gears from the shop.

How do I earn Nichirin Stones and what are they for?

You can obtain them through:
– Summoning special character duplicates.
– Completing certain quests.
– Booster crate drops.

They can be used for:
– Purchasing certain gears from the shop.
– Upgrading crow level 7-10
What is the point of upgrading my crow?

Your crow will give you a higher chance of encountering S-Tier missions which provide more Yen in comparison to regular missions. The higher the crow level, the more likely you are to encounter an S-Tier mission whilst doing your missions.

Is there a way to see the full list of requirements needed to upgrade your crow?

– Level 1: :1CurrencyStones: 8,000 and Player Level 5
Upgrading this will reward you with a 5% chance drop-rate.

– Level 2: :1CurrencyStones: 14,000 and Player Level 9
Upgrading this will reward you with a 10% chance drop-rate.

– Level 3: :1CurrencyStones: 26,000 and Player Level 12
Upgrading this will reward you with a 15% chance drop-rate.

– Level 4: :1CurrencyStones: 33,000 and Player Level 15
Upgrading this will reward you with a 20% chance drop-rate.

– Level 5: :1CurrencyStones: 37,000 and Player Level 24
Upgrading this will reward you with a 25% chance drop-rate.

– Level 6: :1CurrencyStones: 40,000 and Player Level 27
Upgrading this will reward you with a 30% chance drop-rate.

– Level 7: :1CurrencyStones: 500 and Player Level 30
Upgrading this will reward you with a 35% chance drop-rate.

– Level 8: :1CurrencyStones: 1,000 and Player Level 33
Upgrading this will reward you with a 40% chance drop-rate.

– Level 9: :1CurrencyStones: 1,500 and Player Level 35
Upgrading this will reward you with a 45% chance drop-rate.

– Level 10: :1CurrencyStones: 2,000 and Player Level 38
Upgrading this will reward you with a 50% chance drop-rate.
Do gears stack if I buy it multiple times?

No, gears are individual items that do not stack. If you’ve bought more than one copy it will only remain in your inventory.

Can I equip two or more gears?

No, you can only have one gear equipped at a time.

Why can’t I equip certain items from the inventory?

Old Kimono, Dirty Sandals, Broken Blade, Rusty Shuriken, Rusty Kunai, Broken Hitai-ateβ€”Any of the aforementioned items cannot be used as equipments, rusted items are only sell-ables which you can use to sell for a certain amount of Yen.

How do I get the Nichirin Crystal?

You can obtain the Nichirin Crystal by completing an 8-day daily streak (ds daily).

What does the Nichirin Crystal do?

It will grant you with a 2x XP multiplier.
What are the benefits of joining/creating a guild?

Aside from inviting your friends, the guild system doesn’t serve any significant purpose to assist you in your gameplay as of now. The guild system is still within its early stage of development, which naturally causes a lot of bugs to occur due to undetermined lines of code. The guild system is also lacking its fundamental features which have not yet been implemented, but rest assured, said features will eventually be released in the near future

Private Server

As of today, we have listed all the available Vip Private Server Link for Demon Souls Simulator. Playing Demon Souls Simulator on a Private Server is an option. People have been looking for Demon Souls Simulator Private Server Link since the game’s release in order to play it with a smaller number of players.

Demon Souls Simulator Private Server Links are valid for a certain time as I said above, so you should use these Vil Server Links before they expire. We regularly check for new valid Demon Souls Simulator Vip Server Link for the game, so we often advise you to visit this Demon Souls Simulator Trello page.

Pet Update

-Add pet system!

-Better support for Xbox!

-Optimize perform

That’s it for this Demon Souls Simulator Trello – Pet Update & Vip Servers. You can also check our Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello and Attack on Titan Evolution Guide

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