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Welcome to our Demonologist Guide Wiki, In this Demonologist Guide Wiki, You will learn about how to use Tools in the Demonologist game. A guide for people like myself who are new to this genre and don’t know what to do. I’m fumbling, so there may be some inaccurate content.

So come and take a look at this Demonologist Guide Wiki – How to use tools in Demonologist game guide.

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The purpose of this game is divided into three stages, and it is possible to achieve the purpose of the next stage only by achieving the purpose of each stage.

Identify the type of ghost You
can identify the type of ghost by the reaction of three tools.

The problem is that I don’t know if there is no reaction even if I use the tool blindly, or if the place is bad.

Paranormal phenomena caused by ghosts occur throughout the mansion, but ghosts are found in specific rooms and corridors.

Many of the tools can only detect reactions where the ghost is, so it is necessary to identify the ghost’s location first.

For that purpose, we use the “Oushuu Kakikin (EMF)”. If the “freezing temperature” is evidence, it can also be determined by the character’s exhaled breath (a thermometer is omitted because it cannot be brought in unless purchased).

Asserting the type of ghost that fulfills an optional objective
unlocks three optional objectives, whether right or wrong. However, if the type of ghost is wrong, a large deduction will be made.

To put it bluntly, this stage is more of a preparatory stage for the next stage (purification).
Only one goal is achievable without bringing in items
It won’t make you much money if you do
If you bring in an expensive photo camera etc. and the game is over, the financial damage will be great

So, I recommend leaving it alone until you have enough money. We won’t go into it further in this guide.

Performing an exorcism
If you’ve made it this far, you’re not a super beginner, so I’ll skip it in this guide.

Your character’s sanity will gradually decrease as you encounter paranormal activity in the mansion or stay in the dark.

You can check your sanity in the starting camp.

When your sanity is low, ghosts will appear and attack you (so-called hunt). If you get caught in a game of tag, it’s game over. Any items you bring in will be lost. You’ll get some money back as insurance (50% on easy difficulty), but it’s pretty painful, so if you’re carrying items, survival should be your top priority.

When the count starts in English, it’s a signal to hunt, so run away with all your might. If you shake it off, it will stop for a while, but if you get close to the ghost’s place again, it will attack you without question. You should think that the game continuation becomes considerably difficult (but not impossible) when a hunt occurs.

It seems that the amount of sanity required to trigger a hunt, as well as triggers other than sanity reduction (such as staying in the ghost’s location for a long time), differ depending on the type of ghost.

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Demonologist Guide

Narrow down the ghost’s identity with evidence

If you detect the reaction of the tool that leads to the ghost’s identity, enter it in the “evidence” on the tablet and figure out the ghost’s identity. It is possible to narrow down the identity not only with reaction ants but also with no reaction, but it may be that the ghost is not yet serious and can not be detected , so it is less likely to be mistaken to narrow down with reaction ants as much as possible. If you find 3 reaction ants, you can identify the ghost.

By clicking on the name of the ghost, you can confirm the reasoning and clear the first stage of the objective. Once confirmed, it cannot be changed, so be careful!  The purpose of the character is to detect and exorcise ghosts, but

the purpose of the player is to enjoy the horror experience .

The game progresses while the tablet is open, so don’t let your tablet get you hooked and miss the paranormal.

How to use tools in Demonologist Game

You can carry up to 3 items at once. Given that a flashlight is almost a must, you can only have two other than that. Once you have identified the location of the ghost, let’s put it on the floor more and more.


A flashlight isn’t a detection device, but it’s pretty much a necessity since it’s pretty dark inside the mansion and it’s easy to lose track of where you’re going.

By the way, if you turn on the flashlight, the effect will last even if you switch to another tool. Could it be a bug?


If there is a ghost, the lamp will light up with a sound effect. If there is a ghost, it will always react at level 2 or 3, so it is a very useful tool that can identify the location of the ghost .

If you go around the mansion once or twice, there will always be a reaction.

Level 5 is the evidence for ghost identification. *Don’t let your guard down even if you haven’t reached level 5 at the first reaction. Ghosts can get serious and reach level 5 later. Be careful of the level because it will react even if you put it on the floor.

UV light

For ghosts that leave fingerprints, they leave large handprints on doorknobs and light bulb switches that can be seen under UV light.

This is also a tool that is difficult to judge when you can’t find it. Even ghosts that leave fingerprints do not leave fingerprints if they do not touch doorknobs or switches.

It’s reasonably bright, so it can be used as a replacement for a flashlight, but the flashlight has a longer irradiation distance.

easel canvas

It is a set tool. Can be placed with the drop tool. As long as you don’t make a mistake in the ghost’s location, the ghost that leaves this evidence will immediately draw a picture, so it’s one of the tools that makes it easy to judge.

freezing temperature

Evidence that can be detected without a thermometer. If this evidence is applicable, the character’s exhaled white breath will appear on the screen as a haze.


It is a set-up tool. If a ghost appears momentarily with a sound effect shortly after installation, it corresponds to this evidence. perhaps. It is a tool that is difficult to judge because it is difficult to distinguish from paranormal phenomena.


It is a tool that allows you to see the ectoplasm stain through tool interaction. The stain itself is small, but it is one of the tools that is hard to miss and easy to judge.

spirit box

It is a tool that calls out to ghosts through tool interaction. No voice input required. The character doesn’t speak, so it’s hard to tell if he’s using the tool, but if the ghost reacts, the ghost symbol on the tool will light up and you’ll hear the ghost talking intermittently.

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