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Devil Hunter Eternal War Release Date & Global Launch in March 2020

Devil Hunter Eternal War Release Date

Devil Hunter Eternal War mobile game developed by Century Games is coming in March 2020 and The game is now currently open for pre-registration , You can Pre-Register for Devil Hunter: Eternal War on Google Play and Its official website, if you pre-register now then you will get some in-game rewards and rewards will be sent out after the Pre-Registration event is over. According to some source more than 160,000+ peoples have already pre-registered for Devil Hunter Eternal War mobile.

Devil Hunter Eternal War Release Date

Devil Hunter Eternal War Mobile is a fantasy RPG mobile game with excellent picture quality and enough playing methods. Devil Hunter: Eternal War will features  Autoplay system which allows you to do complete daily requests, kill monsters and loot Bosses and It has  4 classes and each class has its unique ability and skills. Martial Saint, Taoist, Arcane Luminary and Winged Illusionist there 4 classes will be available in-game after global release in March 2020

Game features

Autoplay:Autoplay can help you to do daily requests, kill monsters and loot Bosses! All you have to do is figure out a way to manage this messy world.

Mounts and Pets:Hundreds of cool Mounts and Pets never leave you or forsake you. Their loyalty helps you dominate the whole world. Flying dragons, rhinos, giant scorpions, pegasi, dinosaurs, and even high-tech motorcycles… You can find almost everything you can think of, and they can meet all your needs.

World Boss:Battle against the strong World Boss with players around the globe. At this moment, your kindness to others is cruelty to yourself. Kill other players to loot the Boss’s treasures; various outfits and ultimate materials await!

Cross-server PVP:Plan well and fight together with your guild members, or even former enemies on the cross-server battlefield to occupy limited-resource tiles and honor the guild you represent!

Perfect Immortal Couple:While fighting alone in the world of immortals and devils, you might feel lonely sometimes. Why not go find your perfect match, and achieve the immortality together? This way, you can get twice the results with half the effort. At the same time, you can also go hand-in-hand and enjoy an amazing view of the Three Realms.

Rich Gameplay:Unexpected Fortune, Sincere Words, Guild Contests, The Peaks of Mount Kunlun…A variety of gameplay types await you every day! On the way to achieving immortality, you will never be bored

That’s it for now and Don’t Forget to Pre-register because Pre-registered players will receive a In game rewards and Cool outfit so go and pre-register right now by visiting Devil Hunter Eternal War official website

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