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Welcome to Digital Girls Guide Wiki shared by Single Cell, In this Digital Girls Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Shop, Bounties, and Fusing Guide. Digital Girls: Idle RPG is a monster x anime girls evolution card game with over 100+ goddesses that can be summoned and evolved from six different factions.

The game offers a social and casual mode with a cooking feature to improve the relationship with your goddess and communicate with other players in the guild system. With the unique IDLE gameplay, players can experience multiple game modes even while offline.

Players can challenge other players in various PVP modes such as Arena, Team Arena, and Server-to-Server Arena, climb up Tower for nonstop challenges and fight with honour to become the champion. So come and take a look at this Digital Girls Guide Wiki.

Digital Girls Guide Wiki


Lost shop: Buy TierUp Stones 400* for 160 Diamonds cheaper then the ones you get from shop/rewards shop Scrolls are also good from there because its 150* per scrolls (better then refreshing shop)

Daily Shop


You can buy Advanced Summoning Tickets (AST) for cheap in the Daily Shop

Compared to the price of direct summoning(2700), the Daily Shop with refreshes (20Dia) can go as low as 1533 Diamonds(Dia) if you are lucky and average about 170-180Dia per AST, totaling about 1900Dia at max per 10x summon.

You can also wait for the free refreshes each hour, which will net you a nice discount of 1500Dia per 10x AST
This will save you 800+Dia per 10x summon which will add up eventually.


Make Sure to get the 27Dia AST every day as it is the cheapest deal in game currently. It ensures that even if you just login, you are guaranteed a 5-star every 10 days. (Using Diamonds gathered from the Idle Chest)

Guild Battle store

If (big IF) you manage to somehow not get DCed when clicking on guild battle, they provide a
5x offer box which contains either an AST or a prophet stone for only 100Dia, its a steal so go buy it

Quest Expedition

This can be found under Expedition tab in the quest menu. The basic expediton is a questline of sorts.
You pay 499Dia and if you complete your daily quests to 100 every day (or more) and get a cumulative activeness of 600 (It’s not that hard) you will get 500Dia back as well as 1x 5-Star and 3x AST This is basically a no brainer to get every week

Elven Market DONT BUY

There are 2 F2P purchases, the 1200 and the 2450 Diamond Deals. The 1200 is not cost effective as it prices
around 240Dia per AST, whereas as mentioned above, the Daily Shop will save you about 36%
Same goes for the 2450 Diamond deal as you spend 950Dia on 1 prophet stone when the prophet stone in the
Daily Shop is only 700Dia

Digital Girls Bounty Guide


Image by Single Cell

Since gold is very tight in this game you should go for scrolls/gold/coins/ And Stones 100 and above! This will help out will Upgrading units tier up and also getting more food for your units or better ones!

Intelligence Level Guide

Even with this info you still want to strave for Purple or above quests as much as you can if you lack diamonds go for greens.

P2W Guide

Every P2W Should Have!

There are many stuff to buy/pay for inside this game that can give you an upper hand but we need to know…
What can give you the more rebate and most help/support so we will break down what is important!
First off to progress in this game you need to understand Level = more stages to do so its best to get the Idle pass

Getting the order pass ($30) will not only give you diamonds but tons of scrolls 12 prophet crystals and 2 selections

That’s it for this Digital Girls Guide Wiki – Shop, Bounties, and Fusing Tips.

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