Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade Gem Guide & Requirements

Hi guys, Welcome to our Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade Gem Guide, In this Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade Gem Guide we will explain what are upgrade gems in Disney Mirrorverse, upgrade gem types and upgrade gem shards in Disney Mirrorverse.

So come and take a look at this Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade Gem Guide & Requirements. Also, read here: Disney Mirrorverse Tier List 2022 – Best Characters

Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade Gem Guide & Requirements

Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade gems are a sort of material that may be used to improve the rank of your Disney Mirrorverse Guardians. These upgrade gems come in universal and role-specific variants, just like XP motes and books.

Disney Mirrorverse Upgrade Gem Types

Disney Mirrorverse Universal Upgrade Gems: These upgrade gems can be used to upgrade a Guardian to the next rank as a requirement.

The most commonly utilized upgrade gem is diamonds. These gems are frequently combined with class upgrading gems.

Diamonds Universal

Role Upgrade Gems: Each of the four qualities (Attack, Focus, Health, and Defense) corresponds to one of these upgrade gems. You’ll use the gem that corresponds to their duty while rating up Guardians with these upgrade gems.

  1. Rubies: Attack
  2. Topazes: Focus
  3. Emeralds: Health
  4. Sapphires: Defense


To show the strength of upgrade gems, they are divided into tiers. The upgrade requirements for your Guardians and abilities will grow as they rank up and gain strength.


In your inventory, each full upgrade gem has its own capacity. After you’ve used up all of your upgrade gems, they’ll be transported to your stash, where you must claim them before time runs out.

Upgrade Gem Shards

Daily quests will provide you with upgrade gem shards. When you get enough of these shards, they will automatically upgrade to full upgrade gems.

The progress of these shards may be seen in the GEMS menu on the GUARDIANS screen.

Where can I get Upgrade Gem Shards?

These shards can be obtained from the appropriate daily quest.

How many shards will I need to construct an upgrade gem?

This is determined by the upgrade gem’s tier. The quantity of shards required for each upgrade gem will be listed in the inventory menu.

You will be able to increase the rank of your Guardians at any time using the required upgrade gems and Gold.

How To Use Your Upgrade Gems

To upgrade the rank of your Guardian:

  1. Tap on the GUARDIANS menu on the home screen.
  2. Select the Guardian you wish to rank up.
  3. Tap the UPGRADE button.
    • This button may be illuminated to indicate that you have reached the resources needed for a level increase rather than a rank increase.
    • You must have met all of the prerequisites in the REQUIREMENTS list in order to proceed to the next rank.
  4. Tap the RANK UP button.
    • If you have the appropriate upgrade gems, Gold, and have met all of the necessary requirements to proceed to the next rank, then your RANK UP button will be illuminated.
  5. The RANK UP menu will display the required upgrade gems, Gold, and other requirements needed to proceed to the next rank. If you have all of the requirements, you may tap the CONFIRM button.

Upgrade Gem Requirements

The requirements for each upgrade depend on the current rank of your Guardian. You may view the requirements at any time by tapping the RANK UP button for Guardians.

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