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Clash Royale Double Prince Electro Giant Deck Arena 11+

Hey guys Double Prince Electro Giant Deck  Today I will show you Double Prince Electro Giant Deck Arena 11+ which help me to a pushed ton of trophies, This Double Prince Electro Giant Deck is great in ladder matches as you have lots of options, Double Prince makes this deck more powerful and newly released card Electro Giant is an amazing card, This deck is also good in Classic Challenges and Grand Challenges so come and take a look at this guide.

Clash Royale Double Prince Electro Giant Deck Arena 11+

Double Prince Electro Giant Deck Card Role:

Electro Giant – Your main tank. You want to use him in the back to slow roll a push, when you have a big elixir advantage, or your opponent has just used their main tank killer. (P.E.K.K.A., Inferno Tower, Etc.) Ideally, you will want to play Electro Giant with both Princes and a support troop, but you can play him with really any troop in this deck and concocted a very powerful push.

Mega Minion: The mega minion actually does a lot of damage. Use the mega minion defensively and deal significant damage. Supporting the giant with the mega minion is hard to stop as well.This card is very good at both offense and defense, can punish, one-shots minions, key card against lava decks, counters baby dragon which is omnipresent… Overall a great card. Can be replaced with minions for higher DPS and inferno tower distraction, but minions arent spell resistant, so choose the card which suits your playstyle better.

Prince This is a good tank killer especially against golem or giant decks. He has huge counter push potential so try and play your Electro Giant in front alongside your dark prince in double elixir. Goblin Gang is a good counter for the prince so if the opponent has her try to bait it out and then you can apply pressure.

Electro Wizard: He is one of you’re main air defense so don’t start out the match with him until you know what’s deck your opponent is playing. He’s a great support card for the Electro Giant if the opponent has an inferno dragon or inferno tower and he can stun the Royal Giant reducing the hits he can get on your tower.  It can replace with musketeer for higher DPS and longer range, but Electro Wizard drop is really important when playing against minions, minion horde, bats, and even goblin barrel as it deals with them quicker. The resetting ability is also important when versing inferno dragon and to slow Pekka. 

Dark Prince – A pretty moderate card that without the right the card to stop him, he is probably going to reach the tower. An absurd counter card to cards like Battle Ram, Goblin Gang, Barbarians, and many other cards. Despite not always having 360 splash damage like the Valkyrie, he is still a great defensive card because of his speed, shield, and splash damage allowing him to be more versatile than his counterpart, the Prince.

Miner: Miner can be sued to snipe ranged units like princess, musketeer, magic archer etc, he can also be used on the tower throughout the match to help chip away. Pair this guy with zap if you need to retarget the tower into your miner

Fireball – The main damage dealing spell. The fireball is great at taking care of barbarians, three musketeers and all of the supporting cards in the game. If your opponents clump troops together, blast them away! You can also use it to counter elixir collectors. Hitting a tower and collector is nice, but clipping a troop as well is even better.

Zap: Self Explanatory

Double Prince Electro Giant Deck Gameplan:

The double prince combo is difficult to stop because one provides the splash and the other provides a heavy-hitting DPS unit. Your main air defense units are the electro wizard and the mega minion, never use these cards together unless you know your opponent can’t rush the opposite lane with balloon or hound, etc.

Always go for  Counter push if you get the opportunity but don’t over commit. Use the miner to help get some early chip damage and also support your counter push troops. Only use the Electro Giant if you’re up elixir or if you’re against a heavy air deck. if you only have one air counter in hand and they pressure the opposite lane with a heavy air push then go all in the opposite lane and try to tower trade.

This is a Double Prince Electro Giant Deck that can give you absolutely monster counter pushes if played correctly. In This deck, Prince and Dark Prince can be used as a second option against Hog and tanks on defense and  you can always use Electro Giant to tank some damage on defense if you’re in trouble. The beauty of this deck is that you can easily apply dual lane pressure if you’re struggling to break through their defensive units. 

Thanks for Reading, Have Fun

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