Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Best Classes & 2nd Job Tier List

Welcome to our Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Best Classes, In this Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Best Classes, we will show all Classes available in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution and their 2nd Jobs with Skills.

So come and take a look at this Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List and 2nd Jobs

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Best Classes (DN2 Evolution Class)

Warrior (Class Specialization: Moonlord)

Warrior is the best class in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution. The Warrior is a frontline fighter with impressive physical strength. As Moonlord, they excel in delivering powerful punches and slashes to deal significant damage to enemies.

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Warrior 2nd Job

  • Destroyer
  • Barbarian
  • Gladiator
  • Moonlord
  • Warrior’

Warrior Skills

Impact Punch

  • Unleash a powerful attack with the right hand, sending the enemy flying.
  • Physical Damage: 67.36% + 60.41%

Heavy Slash

  • Raise your weapon above your head and smash violently downwards.
  • Physical Damage: 116.51% + 104.49%

Spinning Slash

  • Move forward swiftly and turn in a circle with your weapon, dealing damage to enemies in range.
  • Physical Damage: 166.76% + 149.56%


  • Strike the ground with your weapon, shooting shockwaves.
  • Physical Damage: 160.23% + 122.32%

Air Strike

  • Jump up and slam into the ground, sending enemies flying with shockwaves.
  • Physical Damage: 216.55% + 149.86%

Source of Power (BUFF)

  • Unleash your potential and increase your power.
  • Power and Attack Power increased by 5% for 120s.
  • Effect changes to increased Intelligence and Attack Power upon class change to Moonlord.
  • Cannot be active at the same time as Source of Power.

Archer Class

The Archer is a ranged damage dealer class in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution.

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Archer 2nd Job

  • Sniper
  • Artillery
  • Tempest
  • Wind Walker
  • Archer

Skills Overview:

Magic Arrow:

  • Quickly shoot a magical arrow that causes a small explosion.
  • Physical Damage: 68.99 + 61.88%

Double Shot:

  • Shoot two powerful arrows in succession.
  • Physical Damage: 66.57 + 59.71%

Cyclone Kick:

  • While spinning around, unleash a powerful attack on surrounding enemies using both legs.
  • Physical Damage: 171.34% + 153.67%

Piercing Shot:

  • Rapidly shoot an arrow through an enemy.
  • Physical Damage: 160.79 + 122.74%


  • Shoot multiple arrows at once, dealing damage to any enemy within a cone-shaped zone in front of you.
  • Physical Damage: 224.51% + 155.37%

Agile Wind (BUFF):

Increase your Agility and Attack Power by 5% for 120 seconds.

Cleric Classes

The Cleric is a versatile support class in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution. With healing and crowd-control skills, the Cleric ensures the survival of their allies while disrupting enemies on the battlefield.

The Cleric’s primary role is support, focused on healing allies, and providing crowd control to enemies. Here’s a breakdown of their playstyle:

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Cleric 2nd Job

  • Guardian
  • Crusader
  • Inquisitor
  • Saint
  • Cleric

Cleric Class Skills:


  • Unleash a powerful upwards strike with your weapon, sending the enemy flying and summoning a lightning attack.
  • Physical Damage: 103.33 + 92.67%

Chain Lightning:

  • Use magical light to summon and shoot tiny lightning strikes along the ground in four directions. There is a 50% chance of electrocuting the target.
  • Physical Damage: 110.85% + 99.41%
  • Electrocute: Chance to inflict electric shocks on the target every 3s for 10s.

Divine Shockwave:

  • Attack enemies with a powerful divine light, binding them in place.
  • Physical Damage: 136.87 + 122.76%
  • Bind: Targets are unable to move for 2 seconds.

Divine Combo:

  • Advance and unleash a four-hit combo.
  • Physical Damage: 228.18 + 174.18%

Leaping Shock:

  • Jump forward and ground smash, causing the area of effect to shake.
  • Physical Damage: 238.5 + 164.74%

Miraculous Light (BUFF):

  • Unleash potential, increasing Power, Intelligence, Physical Attack, and Magic Attack Power by 5% for 120 seconds.


In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, the Sorceress is a powerful spellcaster class that specialises in unleashing devastating magical attacks to demolish adversaries.

The Sorceress’s elemental spells allow her to control the battlefield and deal significant burst damage to both single targets and groups.

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution SORCERESS 2nd Job

  • Selena/Firedancer
  • Elestra/Ice Witch
  • Smasher/War Mage
  • Majesty/Chaos Mage
  • Sorceress/Mage

SORCERESS Class Skills:

Glacial Spike:

  • After accumulating Cold Air, launch a Glacial Pierce attack.
  • Magical Damage: 72.59% + 65.10% Magic Attack

Flame Bug:

  • Summon a Flame Bug that launches a fire attack forwards.
  • Magical Damage: 74.55% + 66.86% Magical Attack


  • Quickly unleash a magical attack that inflicts Knockback on surrounding enemies.
  • Magical Damage: 148.45% + 133.14% Magic Attack

Energy Burst:

  • Quickly unleash a long-range magical explosion.
  • Magical Attack: 152.25%

Space Shock:

  • Swing your staff to shock the space in front of you with magic, dealing magical damage to any enemies there.
  • Magical Damage: 308.11% + 213.22%

Wisdom’s Light (BUFF):

  • Unleash Potential. Intelligence and Attack Power are also increased by 5% for 120 seconds.

That’s it for this Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Best Classes (DN2 Evolution Class) & 2nd Job Skills. youc an also Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Codes page

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