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Dragon Soul Tier List Wiki – Best Attack DMG Tier List

Welcome to our [DEMO] Dragon Soul Tier List, In this article we will show you Dragon Soul Attack DMG Tier List and Dragon Soul PVP Attack Tier List.

So come and take a look at this Dragon Soul Tier List Wiki – Best Attack DMG Tier List

[DEMO] Dragon Soul Tier List Wiki – Best Attack DMG Tier List

[DEMO] Dragon Soul Attack DMG Tier List

Melee Attacks:

S-Tier (Over 20,000 dmg):

Buu Scream – 31029.8 dmg

Meteor Explosion – 22764 dmg

Gigantic Rage – 22761 dmg

Meteor Crash – 20296 dmg

A-Tier (15,000 to 20,000 dmg):

Dirty Fireworks – 19688 dmg

Darkness Rush – 18500 dmg

Time Skip/Molotov – 18462 dmg

Beast Throw – 18212 dmg

Angry Shout – 17156 dmg

B-Tier (10,000 to 15,000 dmg):

Shotgun Spin – 15381 dmg

Dragon Throw – 14766 dmg

Dragon Combo – 14274 dmg

Super God Fist – 13535 dmg

Punisher Drive – 13532 dmg

C-Tier (5,000 to 10,000 dmg):

Meteor Blow – 11689 dmg

Burning Strike – 10459 dmg

Sledge Hammer – 9844 dmg

D-Tier (0 to 5,000 dmg):

Afterimage Strike – 0 dmg

Fruit of Might – 0 dmg

KI Attacks:

S-Tier (Over 35,000 dmg):

Supernova – 84564 dmg

Spirit Bomb – 60780 dmg

F.F. Kamehameha (charged) – 35956 dmg

Crusher Volcano – 35672 dmg

A-Tier (20,000 to 35,000 dmg):

Gigantic Roar – 33824 dmg

Meteor Wave (charged) – 27376 dmg

Planet Crusher – 26424 dmg

Kamehameha (charged) – 21600 dmg

F.P. Energy Wave (charged) – 19138 dmg

B-Tier (10,000 to 20,000 dmg):

Death Lightning – 14535 dmg

Big Bang Attack – 13853 dmg

F.F. Kamehameha (not charged) – 12820.8 dmg

Sudden Storm – 12720 dmg

Burning Attack – 12552 dmg

Meteor Wave (not charged) – 12036.8 dmg

Primal Beam (charged and uncharged do the same) – 11624 dmg

Hellzone Grenade – 11510.6 dmg

Shotgun Blast – 10570 dmg

Die Die Missile Barrage – 10047.2 dmg

C-Tier (5,000 to 10,000 dmg):

Kamehameha (not charged) – 8907.2 dmg

Shotgun Burst – 8588 dmg

Finish Buster – 8258 dmg

Eraser Blow – 8258 dmg

Crusher Ball – 7928 dmg

F.P. Energy Wave (not charged) – 7833 dmg

Death Beam – 5946 dmg

D-Tier (0 to 5,000 dmg):

Spirit Explosion – 2707 dmg

Explosive Wave – 2215 dmg

Uncertain Tier

God Punisher – 30-40k dmg (uncertain due to animation)

Dragon Soul Tier List,

Dragon Soul [DEMO] Tier List – PVP Attack Tier List

Absolutely Divine: These attacks offer the highest combo potential and deal significant damage, making them optimal for PvP scenarios.

Eraser Blow

Punisher Drive

Beast Throw

Gigantic Rage

Burning Strike

Very Good: These attacks are strong for extending combos and countering opponent attacks.

Shotgun Spin

Afterimage Strike

Explosive Wave

Spirit Explosion

Darkness Rush

Meteor Wave

Meteor Explosion

Time Skip/Moltov

Dirty Fireworks

Decent: These attacks serve as basic combo starters and extenders, ideal for players without access to more premium abilities. They offer a mix of melee and Ki attacks.

Death Beam

Super God Fist

Dragon Throw

God Punisher

Meteor Blow

Dragon Combo

Meteor Crash


F.F Kameha

Primal Beam

Full Power Energy Wave


Death Lightning

Angry Shout

Buu Scream

Die Die Missile Barrage

Sudden Storm

Gigantic Roar

Crusher Ball

Useless: These attacks are considered inefficient in a PvP context due to their slower action times, lower damage, or predictability which makes them easy to dodge.

Planet Crusher

Spirit Bomb


Burning Strike

Shotgun Burst

Finish Buster

Volcano Crusher

Hellzone Grenade

Shotgun Blast

Big Bang Attack


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