Dragonheir Silent Gods Classes, Profession, and Attributes

Welcome to Dragonheir Silent Gods Classes, Profession, and Attributes Guide, In this article we will talk about Choosing Your Hero in Dragonheir Silent Gods, Attributes Importance, Professions in Dragonheir Silent Gods

So come and take a look at this Dragonheir Silent Gods Best Classes, Profession, and Attributes Guide

Dragonheir Silent Gods Classes, Profession, and Attributes

Choosing Your Hero:

Hero Types: Lizardmen, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Human.

Customization: There’s an option to customize your chosen hero, which was not available in the previous beta.

Recommendation: Choice is purely personal preference, as gameplay benefits seem equal among all hero types.

Attributes Importance:

In “DragonHeir: Silent Gods”, you often come across dice roll checks for various activities like discovering, stealing, or charisma checks. Your success depends on the attribute points you allocate.

Core Attributes:

Strength: Useful for crafting as high strength gives back basic ore. However, the returned ore is a basic one and is not used for crafting epic or legendary gear.

Intelligence: The game-changer. Intelligence plays a crucial role in:

Cooking: Unlocks additional recipes, gives a chance to create an extra serving of food.

Additional Dice Rolls: More intelligence means more dice rolls in various checks.

Other Attributes: Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma checks are equal in frequency and failing them doesn’t stop your game progression. However, they don’t offer as much utility as intelligence.

3. Profession:

There are four different professions to choose from. But, the game doesn’t significantly differentiate among them in terms of benefits.

Key Professions:

Archaeologist: Likely gives a boost in cooking knowledge, which combined with intelligence can unlock more recipes and provide additional benefits.

The Role of Intelligence in Cooking:

Unlocking Recipes: With high intelligence, you’ll often find yourself unlocking bonus recipes you weren’t even aware of.

Double Benefits: When cooking, high intelligence can sometimes allow you to produce double the servings of a particular recipe.

Importance: Always keep food active when battling. The right food gives benefits like additional Intel, accuracy, resistance, HP, and damage.

Here is a complete Dragonheir Silent Gods Recipes List – Food & Cooking Tips


Strength’s Role: Higher strength provides you with more basic ore when crafting. But it’s the basic ore, not the special one for epic or legendary gear.


Prioritize Intelligence: For both beginners and end-game players, focusing on intelligence will yield the most benefits. The primary one being advanced cooking capabilities.

Refer to the Document: A provided Google Document (link in the original video) lists all vendors and recipes. This will be handy when you need to buy materials or cook specific food.

Resource Management: Once you’ve accumulated enough gold, regularly visit vendors post-reset to buy all required resources. This will ensure you have all the materials you need for cooking.

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