Dungeon Hunter 6 Best Classes Guide Wiki – Tier List

Welcome to our Dungeon Hunter 6 Best Classes Guide, Finally the game has been released and we are here with characters and classes tier list.

With the release of the new ARPG mobile game, Dungeon Hunter 6, there’s a lot of buzz about which class to choose. Dungeon Hunter 6 offers a range of options, not every class is created equal.

So come and take a look at this Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List, If you want free rewards make sure to check out Dungeon Hunter 6 Codes page for free in-game rewards.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Best Classes Guide Wiki – Complete Tier List


Playstyle: Comparable to the Barbarian in Diablo. Frontline, tanky, whirlwind abilities.
Stats: High tankiness and HP, lowest attack.
Pros: Familiar playstyle for Diablo veterans.
Cons: Not much uniqueness; similar to many ARPG frontlining classes.


Playstyle: Mirrors the Demon Hunter from Diablo. Agile, ranged AOE damage, dual-bow wielding.
Stats: High defense, decent attack, low HP.
Pros: Quick movement, AOE damage capabilities.
Cons: Lacks originality; similar to Diablo’s Demon Hunter.


Playstyle: Similar to the Wizard in Diablo. High magical damage, uses a continuous energy beam attack.
Stats: Glass-cannon with very high attack.
Pros: Powerful magic attacks.
Cons: Familiar playstyle with not much deviation.

Boon Sister:

Playstyle: Supportive, akin to a Paladin. Provides healing and buffs.
Stats: Highest defense, low HP, and attack.
Pros: Originality in playstyle, essential for party play.
Cons: Not suitable for solo players.


Playstyle: A true ranged attacker. Different from Assassin/Demon Hunter.
Stats: Balanced with decent HP and attack.
Pros: More original playstyle, ranged.
Cons: None specifically mentioned.

That’s it for this Dungeon Hunter 6 Best Classes Guide – Complete Tier List

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