Egoist Awakens Tier List – Best Talent Cards & Clans

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Ready to dominate in Egoist Awakens? Look no further because, with our Egoist Awakens Tier List, we’ve got you covered!

Egoist Awakens is a Roblox game based on the popular series Blue Lock, with a sophisticated system that allows each player to make their own unique builds, enhancing the gameplay.

In the game, There are so many talents cards and Talent cards allow versatility in making builds as they give buffs. However, not all Talent Cards are created equal. The game features a variety of Talent Cards, each with its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

That’s where our comprehensive Egoist Awakens Talent Cards Tier List comes in. We’ve ranked each card in the game from the most powerful (Tier S) to the weakest (Tier D), so players can make informed decisions about which cards to choose.

Egoist Awakens Tier List – Tier S

These are the best Egoist Awakens talent Cards in the game right now. They are very strong and have exceptional abilities that make them a force to be reckoned with. They possess a combination of offensive and defensive powers that make them stand out in battles.

Warp Drive

Instantly accelerate to top speed, allowing you to quickly close gaps and outpace opponents.

Status: Unknown

Dream Weaver

Control the dreams of others, influencing their actions and decisions.

Status : Requires mind stats, rest is unknown

Gale Force

Summon a powerful gust of wind to blow opponents and the ball in the direction you choose.

Status : Unknown


Become invulnerable to tackles and shots for a brief period of time.


Blend in with your surroundings, making it difficult for opponents to see you.

Status : Unknown

Time Bomb

Attach a time bomb the to the ball that explodes after a set period, stunning opponents near the explosion.

Status : Unknown


Create gusts of wind that disrupt opponents and change the trajectory of the ball.

Status : Unknown

Skill Swap

Temporarily swap skills with a teammate or opponent.

Status : Unknown


Create powerful sound waves that disrupt opponents and their abilities.

Status : Unknown


Create a vortex that pulls opponents and the ball towards it, disrupting their movements.

Status : Unknown

Quantum Leap

Instantly teleport to any location on the field.

Status :
Required 1000+ mind stats to use.
Cooldown : 10 Seconds

Chrono Lock

Lock the positions of opponents and the ball in time for a short period.

Status : Unknown

Cloaking Field

Create a cloaking field that hides your team from opponents view.

Status : Unknown

Portal Maker

Create portals on the field, allowing you and your teammates to quickly move between locations.

Status : Unknown

Space warp

Warp the space around you, allowing you to move faster and dodge attacks.

Status : Unknown

Explosive Kick

Kicking the ball with full power causes an explosion knocking back nearby players.

Status : Unknown


Set the ball on fire, causing it to move faster and knock back opponents it touches.

Status : Unknown

That’s it for this Egoist Awakens Tier List – Best Talent Cards & Clans

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