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Welcome to our Endless Dungeon Beginners Guide. Endless Dungeon, developed by Amplitude Studios, is the latest entrant in the Endless universe. Think of it as a delightful mix of rogue sites, tower defence, and twin-stick shooting mechanics.

This unique and addictive hero dungeon game is set in a universe of endless games. So come and take a look at this Endless Dungeon Beginners Guide Wiki.

Endless Dungeon Beginners Guide Wiki

The game’s backdrop is a distant derelict space station. Here, you’re a space nomad trapped due to some mysterious circumstances. You’re kept on the station as if by an unseen magnet.

Despite trying to flee or meeting an unfortunate end, a mysterious force keeps you entrapped in an infinite loop of adventures.

The primary objective? Traverse the space station’s districts, confront its secrets, and aim for the Reactor Core that possibly holds all answers.

Core Gameplay

Traverse & Decide: Navigate a maze of corridors and rooms, making decisions on which doors to unlock. Be strategic: doors can either lead to the core or to monster spawners. Each door increases the danger quotient.

Crystal Bot Escort: Every level ends with you escorting a Crystal bot, all the while protecting it from an infinite enemy wave. The bot’s health is limited, so plan your defenses well.

Deepening Challenges: As you dive deeper into the space station, you’ll face tougher enemies and more complex mazes.


Endless Dungeon is a hero-based game with a variety of characters:

Blaze: The gun-loving space cowboy.

Shroom: A healing-centric plant whisperer.

Sweeper: Boosts defense turrets for a classic tower defense style.

Each character comes with unique talents, ultimate abilities, and a personal quest line to explore.



Types: Two main categories – standard and heavy. While heavy weapons focus on damage, standard ones offer mobility.

Variety: From Gatling guns, rocket launchers to pistols.

Elemental Affinity: Weapons come with elements such as fire, electricity, acid, and light, impacting damage output. Understand the elemental affinity and weakness of the enemies for an advantage.


Utility: As you move through the station, rooms offer turret slots. Spend ‘industry’ resources to build them.

Variety & Progression: From flamethrowers, acid pools, Tesla turrets to buffing stations. You start basic but can upgrade through research stations.

Resource Management: Ensure proper placement and management as turret building is resource-intensive.

Resource Management

Three primary resources to monitor are:

  • Food: Use it for healing and character upgrades.
  • Industry: Mainly for building turrets.
  • Science: Upgrade or research new turrets.

Dust is a special resource discussed in subsequent episodes.

Gameplay Tips

Resource Balance: Make informed decisions on resource allocation. Resources are limited and carry over between levels.

Experimentation: With the variety of characters, weapons, and turrets, don’t hesitate to try new strategies. Mix and match to discover the best playstyle for you.

Challenges: Push the boundaries by setting specific challenges for runs, like focusing only on hero capabilities or solely on turret defense.

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