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Hi guys, welcome to our Eroica Guide 2023 Wiki, In this Eroica Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Eroica Tier List and Eroica Rune Guide, Eroica Stats & Effects, and much more.

So come and take a look at this Eroica Guide Wiki – Eroica Beginner Guide. Also, See – Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll and Eroica Tier List Wiki 2023 – Best Selective Summon

Eroica Guide 2023 Wiki

As you proceed through the prologue you will be prompted to select a free 10 time summon of characters with up to 30 rerolls. General consensus is to pull for Soare or Gaffs but if you can get Melavi, Kipkirui, or Wraith within a few pulls AFTER the free one that’s even better.

*After extensive testing you CANNOT pull more than 1 Nat3 during the selective tickets and only Melavi, Gaffs, Kipkirui, Wraith and Soare are in it.*

Eroica Best AoE Characters: Melavi, Kipkirui

Eroica Best Single Target Characters: Gaffs

Eroica Best Hybrid: Orslaha, Wraith,

Eroica Best PvP Units: Mintz

Best (and really only right now) Debuffer: Soare

With the first pickup banner you want to make sure you get Orslaha as soon as possible. She is currently the best unit at the time of soft launch. You can basically roll all the way up to stopping point of story which is the end of Simran (World 4) with a team based around Orslaha + Soare.

Eroica Team Composition: Dps + Dps + Healer + Tank or Dps + Dps + Soare + Orslaha

I would drop Luna ASAP and pick up Lisa as your tank.

You should choose Muto as your healer. Marion’s farmable for easier ascension but Muto is a lot more helpful when it comes to bosses.

Eroica Gear Sets play a very important role in this game. For every 2 pieces of gear you earn a bonus for that set so free fill to mix and max. Honestly if you are 1 piece off a FULL set I would substitute with low grade gear for the time. For everything else I would try to main Heroic but preferably Epic gear.

Eroica Progression Guide:

Use your strongest units and push to World 2. By World 2 you should have already unlocked Hero Ascension, Ancient Ruins, and the Dimensional Rift. The first rough spot depending on team composition will be Mintz in stage 2-10. Since you should have raised Muto she shouldn’t be much of an issue. I do suggest you start leveling your nat3s + Milena so she is buffed up a lot for that fight. If not substitute someone’s Orslaha and face roll her. Alternatively bringing in your best DPS at the time + Muto should be sufficient. By now you should have noticed the Lost Nodes that were in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Each Lost Node can unlock another stage in the Gold/Exp dungeons. You are able to do both of these 3x a day each. Personally I chose to concentrate on the Gold dungeon and maxing it before I did the Exp dungeon. You can buy Exp pots from the carriage everyday or just run stages like 3-7 to farm out gear, character exp, and account exp.

I highly suggest you go through 2-11 and unlocked the 2nd level of the Weapon/Shoes dungeon to help boost your DPS for the stuff coming up. At stage 2-17 you can also unlocked the 2nd level of the Armor/Helm to help raise your defense. At stage 3-7 you also should unlock 2nd level of the Ring/Necklace dungeon. If there is one thing you should at least do it’s unlock the 2nd level of the Exp/Gold dungeon at 3-11 right before Cascarson for way more gold and exp. Honestly I do 4 runs of gold and then 1 run of exp.

Continue to proceed through the story and you will end up against Cascarson in 3-14. Once again this could problematic unless you have Lisa built up. If not once again substitute an OrslahaCascarson can hit pretty hard but by now you should have T3 gear on your main four units.

With Cascarson down I would push to open up Rad Rift Lvl 3 for access to T4 Weapon/Shoes which you can get by clearing the alternate path in 3-17. Eoh Rift Lvl 3 becomes accessible at stage 3-20 which is right before the end which gives you access to T4 Armor/Helm You can take your time here if you want and push for T4 gear but it’s not necessary to wrap things up.

After the completion of stage 3-14 its not too hard of a run until you hit 3-22 in which you fight Wraith. I found Wraith easier than Cascarson due to Orslaha’s elemental advantage. It’s very to easy to just prevent her from getting a turn with a built Orslaha. Other team compositions could very well utilize Soare in here to shred her defense and Lisa to lower her attack temporarily.

In update 1.0.6 Teca (World 4 was finally added). So proceed through the story and take the alternate exit at stage 4-5 to unlock Hagall Rift Lvl 3 which drops T4 Ring/Necklaces. At stage 4-8 there is another branch off of a few levels that leads to Rad Rift lvl 4 for T5 Weapon/Shoes. Continue following the story and at stage 4-12 is another break away leading to Feoh Rift Lvl 3 Exp/Gold. By taking the alternative path on stage 4-23 you can also unlock Eoh Rift Lvl 4 which drops T5 Armor/Helm. That’s it for the unlockable gear/gold stages for the Teca world.

Stage 4-29 could be rough depending on team composition due to a buffed up Xenia but I got through it with Melavi, Orslaha, Soare, and Muto. Stage 4-31 can be unforgiving as well due to Orslaha so I recommend pushing to this stage then taking some time out to boost your T4 equipment to T5 on your main party first. Overall this world wasn’t too difficult until the very end.

There is still plenty to do though. Explore all the stages and get all those rewards. There are tons of sidequests in the game as well so you can earn some extra pellets. My current goal is to max my units and start saving for future updates.

Big thank you if you made this far in this guide. I couldn’t done it without a lot of feedback from other players.


Try to focus on building one unit at a time as you as the biggest bottleneck will be gold. Also be sure to do training grounds with the class that has the bonus daily for the best use of your keys!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Current Max Level: 55

Stages per World: Hartz (World 1) – 24 stages, Woodbin (World 2) – 18 stages, Simran (World 3) – 22 stages, Teca (World 4) – 40 stages. Soft launch ends at the end of Teca (World 4)

Be sure to three star each stage for rewards!

Is the battle pass worth the 300 pellet investment? YES

Can’t ascend my pre-core? Pre=cores can only be ascended at their level cap which is every 10 levels so continue to level it until it reaches max for that star rank.

What is the max level for runes? Runes cap out at level 9 but I warn you it can be quite costly and grindy so stopping at level 7 is reasonable. Also note you can craft more Awakening Runes via the carriage.

Gear Quality: Normal –> Good –> Rare –> Heroic –> Epic

What to do with excess gear? If its nothing your character can use feel free to sell it or salvage it. Honestly its a great way to make money right now.

Fastest way to recruit a character on the Arkham? Craft the perfume potion sold in the carriage shop.

What does Atk Spd Affect? Atk Spd is so far the number one way to damage a team in terms of PvP and can give you an advantage in PvE. It basically allows you to act (even your defense team) before the other player can.

Character Missions – Focus on one character at a time due to stamina costs. Its not good to split your missions between multiple characters if you want to progress quite quickly! You can earn up to 25 shards of that character a day.

Carriage – Assign members to each department as your account levels up. Be sure to click on the coin button near it’s title to increase your coin production/storage. To my knowledge this resets everyday. I personally buy my exp potions here and also stamina. Shards are another good idea once you beginning level up your carriages capacities.

Best Carriage Teams (credit to shhh_Im_sleeping)

Leader : Cascarson, Sub: Retinya, Milena, Wraith

Leader: Florence, Sub: Sei, Marion, Luna

Leader: Melavi, Sub: Xenia, Orslaha, Freyja

Leader: Mintz, Sub: Sei, Chloe, Lenn

Carriage maxes out at lvl 10 and your account level must at least be 45.

From my testing as long as you have these members together it doesn’t matter where they are placed!

Stats & Effects

HP – Health Points. If your HP goes to 0 your unit die.

ATK – Attack. The higher it is the higher your base damage is. Burn, Shock and Bleed effect are scales off this stat.

DEF – Defense. Is a damage reduction, the higher your defense, the less damage you receive. (we don’t know the formula yet)

ATK SPD – Attack Speed. How fast your hero takes a turn and determine the first turn of the battle.

Crit – Critical Chance. The chance to deal Critical Hit and the damage will be multiplied by Crit Damage.

Crit Damage – Critical Damage. Multiply your damage when you land a Critical Hit by this value.

Penetration – Ignore a percetange of enemy DEF.

Accuracy – Is used to reduce the effect of enemy Dodge.

Dodge – Percentage to dodge and reduce incoming attack when successfully dodge enemy attack (MISS)

MISS – When enemy successfully dodge an attack, reduced damage dealt by 70%.

CRIT Dodge –

DMG Reduction – Damage Reduction. It reduce the damage by % after damage reduced by DEF.

Elemental DMG – Elemental Damage. Multiply your damage when you hit enemy with strong element. (the value is additive with Crit Damage)

Debuff Hit – Debuff Hit is used to reduce the effect of enemy Debuff Resist and also a chance to land a debuff. (not to be mistaken with activation chance, this come after activation of a debuff success)

Debuff – Resist Percentage to resist enemy debuff.

HP Recovery – The amount of HP healed after you clear a round.

MP Recovery –

Status Effect

Unrecoverable State – Negate any kind of HP recovery.

Chaos State – It has a chance for unit that has this debuff to attack their allies instead.

Burn – Deal damage at the end of enemy turn by 25% of your ATK.

Bleed – Deal damage at the end of enemy turn and everytime you hit enemy with this debuff by 10% of your ATK.

Shock – Deal damage at the start of enemy turn by 10% of your ATK and has a chance to skip enemy turn.

Blind – Increase the chance for enemy to MISS

Eroica Beginner Guide Wiki

1. The best place to farm gold at the moment (v1.0.3) is on chapter 3 any stage with 1650 gold

2. Sell / Salvage all T3 gear except the Green one that has 2 star. 2 star Green T3 are used for enhance

3. Always do Gold Dungeon, you will never have enough gold

4. Craft Awakening Rune as soon as possible. It takes 48 hours to craft.

5. Make sure to do all side quest from chapter 1 and get all stages 3 stars from chapter 0 for the reward (specially pellet)

Eroica Rune Guide Wiki

Eroica Rune Guide Wiki

Eroica FAQ Guide

Q: What is HP Booster for?

A: The are 2 kind of HP Booster. The crystal looking one act as a universal dupe when you ascend, while the other one worth 3 precores when you use as enhance fodder.

Q: Should i salvage N/R Precore?

A: If you have a precore that needed to level up, it’s better to use them as fodder.

That’s it for this Eroica Guide Wiki 2023 – Stats & Effects, Rune Guide.

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