Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll

Hi guys, welcome to our Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll, In this Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll, we will tell you recommended choices for new players.

So come and take a look at this Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll. Also, See – Eroica Tier List Wiki 2022 – Best Selective Summon and Eroica Guide Wiki 2022 – Progression, Carriage Teams

Eroica Reroll Guide Basic

Eroica’s battle system is much like other gacha games out there in which certain elements do more damage than others. You have Fire, Water, Grass and then Light and Dark.

All units have three skills which I will refer to as their basic attack, Skill 1 (S1) and Skill 2 (S2). S1 and S2 have a cost to them so they cannot be used every turn.

Additionally, the Arkham Cannon is an important piece in combat for Player Vs Environment (PvE) as it can cut down some combat time leading to more efficient clearing or farming.

Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll

A very appealing part of Eroica is how fast it takes to get to the selective summons in the game. After clearing stages 0-3 of the tutorial this option is then unlocked.

This gives you a chance to start off with a unit of your choice to give you an early edge in PvE! While all the units are usable as a player starting from nothing I will focus more so on the units that will help you progress the easiest (and pray you will pull the others later).

Eroica Reroll Tier List

Orslaha is my top recommended choice for new players due to her high damage output via shock. With her being a light unit as well the only real threat she must worry about is dark units.

She is quite easy to build and come on she is top tier waifu material. But seriously is a great damage dealer that mainly focuses on single target damage but her S1 skill is also an Area of Effect (AoE).

Melavi is honestly a great pick too and was the unit I recommended since the initial version of the game. She has plenty of AoE damage right off the bat as both her skills focus on debuffing enemies with burn.

The nice kicker though is in her S2 which can also boost her damage output due to its sub skill of increased damage by 100% to the target with the highest HP. But you can also just go all in on those burns.

The last unit worth mentioning for the selective summoning would be Wraith. She is in a similar vein as Orslaha with her S1 being an AoE while her S2 is a single target with high damage. She also brings in the unrecoverable debuff which can prevent enemies from healing. So, if they do not die from her well they certainly will not be healing any time soon!

But personally, I would recommend either Melavi or Orslaha as all the other units are usable but more so once you have a team built up.

Remember the goal is to get the wheels turning in the game so you can build other teams for other content.

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That’s it for this Eroica Reroll Guide and Best Character for Eroica Reroll

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