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Hi guys, Welcome to our F Class Adventurer Guide Wiki, In this F Class Adventurer Beginner Guide, we will give you basic information about such as F Class Adventurer Skills, Bosses, Daily Resources, Afk And Stage Progress, Allocation, Skillsets, Gem Spending, and other use full information.

So come and take a look at this F Class Adventurer Guide Wiki.

F Class Adventurer Guide Wiki

Daily Resources

Growth tower tickets (3/Day+1) go as high as you can daily, then sweep with your remaining tickets.


Gear stone tower tickets (3/day+1) go as high as you can daily, then sweep with your remaining tickets.


Skill growth boss (3/day+1)


Emblem boss (3/day+1)


Afk And Stage Progress

When you start out, pushing as far as you can on stages is the main priority. When going offline for extended periods (eg. Work, sleep, etc) go offline on the highest stage you have the ability to enter (ignoring the challengeable stage), unless you are relic grinding.


The giant slime and guild boss don’t attack you so you can actually build out a talent page that goes all attack.

For stage bosses doing manual skills is better because there is no time limit, so you can run around until your Bless of Defense and Heal skills are back up.

You can actually switch skins to replenish your HP. Not sure if intended or not, but use it while it is still a thing.

When you start to get a super crit chance, max the crit damage talent on one of your pages and then just go for big lucky strikes on bosses.


Shim’s strategy is preferred, due to his higher experience. However, you can follow either, or do a combination of both


Talent points (10/level)

  • Feel free to mess with these, as you can reset them for 1,000 gems.

Gold (unspecified)

  • I invested my gold roughly even between all stats (excluding crit dmg). however, if you start to struggle on a stage/class boss feel free to invest more in whatever stat you’re lacking in. Upgrade crit dmg as you feel fit, I personally upgrade it once every ~10-20 upgrades for other stats.

Gems (unspecified)

  • Summon both weapons and armour, if you get a lucky draw then you should summon more of whatever your lacking in. The further down armour/swords are rarer.

Upgrade stones (unspecified)

  • I upgraded all my common gear to level 5-15, uncommon 15-25, rare 25-35, ancient 30-45, legendary 50-75, mythic 80-110, and fantasy 120+.


See if you can progress in the growth tower (See detailed in daily Resources)

Allocate extra talent points or gold. The base stats (atk, hp, def) ignore the rest for now.

Use gems to summon weapons or armour. You should slowly progress to mythic.

Level up weapons or armour, below mythic level 40, mythic+ level 100.


Pay attention to the owned effect on everything, skills, skins, gear etc. Even just owning something can give you bonuses and you can level up or awaken more of those bonuses

There is a max% of MP and HP that you can recover. So make sure to do some quick math in you character details.

But also I am not even sure its worth levelling up Hp Recovery talent at all now. And for MP I only give it one x20 buy in the talent page now.


When you get a few skills, you should start making a skillset(s).

For stages/towers, AoE skills are the best. The best AoE skill is sword rain, followed up by both earth explosion and magnetic field. Additionally, the Spinning blade is good.

Skills Tier List

Sword Rain, Cyclone, and Earth explosion are all great AOEs

Landslide strikes can be used to be invincible on slow-hitting bosses like the class-up boss.

Magnetic Field is great for Tower stages because it can kill the ranged mobs that are doing damage to you out of reach.

Restoration Strike and Bless of Heal are the two heal skills.

F Class Adventurer Artifacts Guide

Tips for the new artifacts shared by Shimrod

Leveling and Awakening the right artifacts is really worth it, especially as you will have a lot of leveling coins to spend and merging the lower tier ones isn’t very effective.

For leveling and awakening, ignore all the ones that give a flat bonus to a base stat (e.g. ATK +1000), those are irrelevant, just leave them at 1

It’s the multipliers for the base stats (e.g. ATK x1.1) that you want to level and awaken. Max level is 200 which takes 5 awakenings. The first awakening is 2 copies of the item, the next 3, and so on for 6 copies for the last awakening.

Awakening gives you the option to go to higher levels: 30 -> 50 -> 80 -> 110 -> 150 -> 200.
Levels get more expensive and lower tier items are cheaper to level but also give less in return. It seems fairly balanced so leveling and awakening low tier items is definitely something you want to do.

I ignored the HP RECOVERY stat as I don’t generally use it, but ymmv
After the multipliers to the base stats, the skill damages are a good investment (both generic and specific).

They are only additive but your base numbers for those will be low so additive is fine.
On the left column I also ignored crit damage as it’s additive and my base number is far too high (80k) to make a small add (+50%) count.

Super crit is less clear to me, it’s also additive and relatively small adding +25 to a base of 6k. I’m probably going to ignore that one as well.

The big prizes are the entirely new stats, but those are quite far down in the left (attack) column: DMG to NORMAL MONSTERS (Legendary B), DMG to BOSS (Legendary A) and DMG by Consecutive Attacks (Fantasy C, sigh). If and when you get there, you want to level and awaken those asap as well, but simply attaining the first two will more than double your damage output.

F Class Adventurer Guide

F Class Adventurer Gem Spending Guide

Once you start getting your crit rate up, Critical slash becomes a great skill.

It doesn’t hurt to have a reserve of 10k-20k. Other than this, you can spend all of your gems. If you do missions and such, from my experience you should get 20k to upwards of 65k gems daily.

In the beginning, summon mainly sword and armour, and shortly after skills. Later on, belt summoning should be possible as well. Belts boost both atk and def, so summon as many as possible when they’re unlocked.


If you buy anything, buy remove ads, it will auto-refresh the bonuses in the bottom left

The collection drops start to take a looooong time when you get to the higher stages.

Eventually, it will be worth buying them instead of pulling focus on Min-max damage first also stages 8-9 and 18-19 you should finish first because of the crit rate and crit damage.

Take advantage of preset switching. For example, if you are about to die switch to a full defence talent page until your heels are back up. Or if you need damage for 1 hit then switch to a full atk page

F Class Adventurer Skill Level

Skill Awakening Level
Bless of Attack V 25
Restoration Strike V 40
Landslide Strike III 20
Bless of Heal IV 26
Blood Dance II 20
Strike of the Rock II 20
Sword Rain III 25
Bless of Skill I 20
Bless of Mana I 20
Earth Strike I 20
Hell Slash 0 15
Meteor Sword II 21


F Class Adventurer Altars

Altar Level EXP To Next EXP/Increase
1 500 25
2 800 26
3 1200 30
4 1900 31
5 3000 37
6 4800 48
7 7200 58
8 10000 75
9 13000 96
10 15600 123

F Class Adventurer Relic Chapter Buff

This is a thread for a list of all known chapter relic buffs. I haven’t unlocked everything so feel free to add to the list. Shared by Rastko

Chapter 1: Attack x 1.2
Chapter 2: HP x 1.2
Chapter 3: Defence : x 1.2
Chapter 4: HP recovery : x 1.2
Chapter 5: MP recovery max: + 0.2%
Chapter 6: Final damage: + 10%
Chapter 7: Reduction damage: – 5%
Chapter 8: Crit rate: + 5%
Chapter 9: Crit damage: + 300%
Chapter 10: Attack speed: + 10%
Chapter 11: Attack x 1.25
Chapter 12: HP x 1.25
Chapter 13: Defence x 1.25
Chapter 14: HP recovery: x 1.25
Chapter 15: MP recovery max: + 0.4%
Chapter 16: Final damage: + 15%
Chapter 17: Reduction damage: – 5%
Chapter 18: Crit rate: + 10%
Chapter 19: Crit damage: + 700%
Chapter 20: Attack speed: + 10%
Chapter 21: Attack x 1.3
Chapter 22: HP x 1.3
Chapter 23: Defence x 1.3
Chapter 24: HP recovery: x 1.3
Chapter 25: MP recovery max: + 0.7%
Chapter 26: Final damage: + 20%
Chapter 27: Reduction damage: – 5%
Chapter 28: Super crit rate: + 2%
Chapter 29: Super crit damage: + 30%
Chapter 30: Attack speed: + 10%
Chapter 31: Attack x 1.35
Chapter 32: HP x 1.35
Chapter 33: Defence x 1.35
Chapter 34: HP recovery: x 1.35
Chapter 35: MP recovery max: + 1%
Chapter 36: Final damage: + 25%
Chapter 37: Reduction damage: – 5%
Chapter 38: Super crit rate: + 3%

F Class Adventurer Tips & Tricks

For leveling up at start the growth tower is important and its suggested to not sweep but rather try to clear the next floor.

Without using the growth tower tickets you can level up the fastest by idling the stage you are not able to clear (please someone experienced suggested a faster method if exists)

Investing on the bless skills should be prioritized for the crit rate

Gems should not be used to get relics before stage 10

Relics like atk speed and mp recovery% are not much useful

Its suggested to keep the mp recovery at lvl 15-20 and MP at lvl 20 to clear any mp shortage

Buy all the talent presets ASAP

A talent preset which has the same def as the enemy atk fot stage push (needs to be updated frequently)

A talent preset having no defense and same lvl atk and hp for bosses and towers (get the MP, mp recovery, crit rate, crit dmg, reduction dmg talents to lvl 20)

Invest in sword and armor at the beginning until mythic, dont upgrade them above lvl 100 for the time being, fantasy gear can exceed level 100

Skills like earth strike and landslide strike can be used when the sword animation of class boss starts to avoid the atk (suggested to use talent preset with high atk crit rate, crit damage with little exp)

Dont use reroll dices before awakening 5 on skins

That’s it for this F Class Adventurer Guide Wiki – Skills, Bosses & Gems. Also, See – F Class Adventurer Build Guide

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