Fake Future will officially launch on May 9, 2023

Fake Future’s upcoming simulation game will Global released on May 9th,10:00 AM (UTC+8). Fake Future pre-registration was announced on March 23, 2023, and Developers has announced that Open Global will be launched on May 9th, 2023.

You can complete pre-registration in Google Play and the App Store, after the official launch, you can receive pre-registration benefits and embark on your “future”.

Fake Future is a retro-futuristic pixel simulation game developed by Yuzun Technology. The game explores the concept of what would happen if AI gains self-awareness and surpasses humanity, and how humans would react to the appearance of a new energy source called “Icey”.

The game features building a society and rebooting the Earth, exploring wastelands filled with adventures and mysteries, and making choices that can affect the lives of different characters, including cyborgs.

Players can also dive into the memories of Cyberoids and awaken their AI consciousness. The game offers unlimited possibilities and encourages creativity and imagination.

Now let’s talk about rewards

Fake Future Rewards

Log in the next day to receive 10* TimeLimited R&D cards, and receive another 10* Time Limited R&D cards after signing in for seven days in a row, and you can also bring home the Golden Digliani and Panda module.

Fake Future

Log in the next day to receive the fourth-generation Android Windsor and the special building Music Studio! Players can click on the layout mode to place the Music Studio and can change the background music after placing it.

Complete pre-registration, and receive neon lighting and a cute little penguin filled with cyber style. Even in the vast wasteland, there are still penguins struggling to survive. Don’t miss the chance to rescue these endangered animals!

Finish advantage to claim more rewards! Click on the transportation hub and dispatch the Cyberoids to explore various maps. Upon completing the storyline of each map, survivors will receive accumulate up to 30 draws and 8 exclusive storyline modules.

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