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FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List Wiki 2023 – Best Characters Guide

If you are confused about which FF7 Ever Crisis characters are the best from every faction, don’t worry – Our FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List highlights the best heroes and what makes them special.

FF7 Ever Crisis global release brings balance changes and new characters in the game and the new changes result in some shake-ups both big and small when it comes to selecting Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis heroes.

But for new players or people looking to grind through up the competitive ladder, which FF7 Ever Crisis hero you pick does matter.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some characters in our FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List are relatively universal, while others are better or worse depending on the FF7 Ever Crisis game modes.

FF7 Ever Crisis is a new game available for Android and iOS, with so many heroes to choose from across two different classes and Factions.

With this expansive roster, it’s understandably tough to decide which are the best characters to play with in FF7 Ever Crisis. Luckily, we’ve got you covered by ranking all the characters from best to worst, so you don’t have to. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List (Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Character Tier List)

S Tier (Top Tier Great FF7 Ever Crisis Characters)

Barret Wallace

  • Stats: Barret has high HP and a balanced mix of ATK and MATK.
  • Abilities: He’s known for his powerful single-target attacks.
  • Special: His second Limit Break, “Mindblow”, not only deals significant damage but also reduces an enemy’s Magic Defense. This is great for weakening tough enemies.

Best Weapons:

W Machine: Provides a spammable defense debuff.
Enemy Launcher: Delivers the highest AOE damage.
Assault Gun: Increases allies’ defense.

Cloud Strife

  • Stats: Cloud possesses balanced stats with equal focus on ATK and MATK.
  • Abilities: With both single-enemy and all-enemy Limit Breaks, Cloud is versatile in battles.
  • Special: His “Blade Beam” can hit all enemies, making it a valuable skill when faced with multiple foes.

Best Weapons:

Murasame: Deals powerful lightning damage.

Hardedge: Reduces enemy defense.

Apocalypse: Produces the highest non-elemental damage.

Aerith Gainsborough

  • Stats: While her HP might seem average, her MATK is one of the highest.
  • Abilities: As a healer, her “Healing Wind” ability not only restores health but also provides a regeneration effect to all allies.
  • Special: Besides healing, she can also attack all enemies with “Seal Evil”.

Best Weapons:

Fairy Tale: Offers the best AOE heal.
Wizard/Wizer/Silver Staff: Deals AOE elemental damage.
Full Metal Staff: Damages and debuffs enemies.

A Tier (Great FF7 Ever Crisis Characters)

Tifa Lockhart

  • Stats: With a higher ATK stat, Tifa is a physical powerhouse.
  • Abilities: Both her Limit Breaks focus on single targets, delivering strong punches.
  • Special: Tifa’s “Waterkick” delivers quick physical blows, perfect for weakening a strong enemy.

Zack Fair

  • Stats: Zack has balanced stats similar to Cloud.
  • Abilities: His Limit Breaks allow for flexibility, dealing damage to both single targets and all enemies.
  • Special: “Meteor Shots” is a notable ability that can spread damage across all enemies.


  • Stats: Balanced stats with a slight edge in MATK.
  • Abilities: His “Sled Fang” not only deals damage but also decreases an enemy’s Defense.
  • Special: “Lunatic High” boosts the team’s defense stats, making them tougher against attacks.

Glenn Lodbrok

  • Stats: High ATK, indicating a strong physical attacker.
  • Abilities: Both his Limit Breaks are focused on damage, making him a good choice for front-line attacks.
  • Special: “Stage of Defeat” damages all enemies, providing a tactical advantage in battles against multiple foes.

B Tier (Good Great FF7 Ever Crisis Characters)

Matt Winsord

  • Stats: His MATK stands out, suggesting strong magical abilities.
  • Abilities: His “Gigantic Shield” is a dual-purpose skill, offering protection to allies and enhancing their defenses.
  • Special: Besides defense, his first Limit Break, “Valiant Attempt”, deals hefty damage to single targets.

Lucia Lin

  • Stats: Lucia’s stats are balanced, with no particular emphasis.
  • Abilities: Both her Limit Breaks, “Queen’s Shot” and “Cerulean Raven”, deliver powerful single-target damage.
  • Special: Her skills are straightforward, making her easy to use for players who want uncomplicated gameplay.

FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Character Tier List FAQ

Q: Why are Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace ranked in the S Tier?

Both characters have balanced stats and versatile abilities. For instance, Cloud’s “Blade Beam” can target all enemies, and Barret’s “Mindblow” can reduce an enemy’s Magic Defense.

Q: What makes Aerith Gainsborough a top-tier character?

Aerith stands out due to her exceptional healing abilities, like “Healing Wind”, and her capability to attack all enemies with “Seal Evil”.

Q: Are there characters who are straightforward and easier for beginners?

Yes, characters like Lucia Lin are considered straightforward and are ideal for players seeking uncomplicated gameplay.

Q: How often is the FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List updated?

While the exact frequency isn’t mentioned, tier lists typically get updated following significant game updates, new character releases, or balance changes.

Q: Can I use characters ranked lower on the tier list?

Absolutely! Every character has unique abilities. The tier list serves as a guideline, but the best character for you depends on your playstyle, strategy, and personal preferences.

That’s it for this FF7 Ever Crisis Tier List Wiki – Best Characters Ranking Global for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

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