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Fighters Era 2 Clan Tier List Wiki – All Best Clans

Do you wonder what the best Fighters Era 2 clan is? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we rank them all in our Fighters Era 2 Clan Tier List. Fighters Era 2 is an RPG game where you can get a clan and receive passive benefits.

There are 15+ clans in Fighters Era 2 and each clan has different perks. In this guide, I’ll explain how to get a clan in Fighters Era 2, what each clan is, and which clans are the best in Fighters Era 2.

There are 2 types of Clans in Fighters Era 2 and Clan is one of the aspects of your character that impacts how powerful you are. Your clan determines what passive skills and abilities you have.

With the number of unique Fighters Era 2 clans that you can roll in the game, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best ones worth keeping and using.

In the following Fighters Era 2 tier list, all clans in Fighters Era 2 are ranked in tiers based on how powerful and useful they are.

Fighters Era 2 Clan Tier List

Rare Clans 1%

Kure – S Tier
Mikazuchi – S Tier
Setsuna – S Tier
Inaba – S Tier

Uncommon Clans 15%

Tatayuki – A Tier
Nikaido – A Tier
Paing – A Tier
Wongsawat – A Tier
Gensai – A Tier
Monkhbhat – A Tier
Hatsumi – A Tier

Common Clans 84%

Agito – B Tier
Reinhold – B Tier
Lihito – B Tier
Yamashita – B Tier
Wakatsuki – B Tier
Meguro – B Tier
Medel – B Tier
Mudo – B Tier
Gizenga – B Tier
Sekibavashi – B Tier
Narushima – B Tier

Fighters Era 2 Clan Tier List Best Clans


Stat Boosts/Passives: +100 health
Style: Kure Style
Skills: N/A
Transformation: Removal


Stat Boosts/Passives

  • 1.15x stamina gain
  • Slight decrease in dash cooldown
  • Increased speed cap

Style: Raishin
Skills: N/A
Transformation: N/A


Stat Boosts/Passives

  • If you have the Shared Flaw talent (Deal more damage the lower your HP is) the effect is increased slightly
  • Can obtain style at slightly below the requirement

Style: Koei Style
Skills: Rakshashas Palm
Transformation: Fallen Demon


Stat Boosts/Passives

Evolution / Adaptation

Style: Fusion (Steals opponents style)
Skills: Copy (Replicates last used skill nearby)
Transformation: N/A

That’s it for this Fighters Era 2 Clan Tier List Wiki – All Clan Buffs Guide

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