Figment Beginner Guide Wiki & Memories Location 2023

Welcome to our Figment Beginner Guide Wiki and This is a Figment beginner guide to finding all the memories in the game Figment. This guide is created by Ol’ry. When I played Figment for the first time, I could only blindly find 8 memories, that is, half.

Then I decided to find all the others in order to learn more about the person whose mind we actually save from nightmares. So come and take a look at this Figment Beginner Guide Wiki & Memories Location

Figment Beginner Guide Wiki & Memories Location

Outer cerebrum

The very first location is Outer Cerebrum. Cerebrum in Latin means big brain, let’s not go into anatomical details, let it be just the brain.

1. There is only one memory in it, closer to the exit from the location, on a small island. To get it, you first need to go through the place where there were three pencil bridges, using a blue battery, go through another bridge, at the bottom of the island, from where you can see the island with a memory, press the button to start the “ferry” (plying back and forth island) on the left.

Next, you need to return, pick up the blue battery, go along the central pencil bridge, go down from the house, ride on this very ferry, use the blue battery and the path to the first memory is open.


The central location in the game is Cerebrum. There is not a single memory in it, but in the center of the location there is a tree around which the memories found will lie. It is easy to calculate that there are 16 of them in the game.

Freedom Islands – Freedom Embankment

So, the first major location in the game, the Islands of Freedom. It includes several smaller locations.
NB From now on, you should pay attention to these stones with a round pattern, which are scattered throughout all locations. Their presence suggests that somewhere nearby you can do something to get a memory.

2. At the very beginning of this location, literally near the second house in a row, we see such a stone. If you knock on the door, the tenant will say that he will not leave the house anywhere while the plague monster is walking along the street. Therefore, in order to get a memory here, you need to defeat the Plague, at the end of the Islands of Freedom, and after that return to the Freedom Quay and knock on the door of this house again.

3. We find the second stone in the lower part of the location, near a small house with a funnel instead of a roof. Near it, we pick up the red battery to go further along the location.
This house is one of the three houses of the Kettle brothers.

To get a memory from this house, you need to knock on the door, the owner of the house will say that all brothers must put the kettles on. Well, let’s go in search of two more houses, they will be of a very characteristic shape, in the form of a blue teapot. Each of them will also have the same stone with a pattern.

We find the second house in the next location, Valleys of the Mind, in the upper part of the location. If you knock on the door, the tenant will say that he puts the kettle on, and steam will come out of the “neck”. The third house is a little further, in the Creative Gardens, at the top of the location. We knock on it and again we observe the steam from the neck and hear a remark about the kettle being set.

After that, we return to the very first house with a funnel on the Embankment of Freedom, put a red battery in the slot next to it and knock on the door. We are told that all the teapots are standing and they are now happy. And we get another memory and the “Time for tea” achievement. By the way, only 5% of players have this achievement now.

4. At the top of the location there is an island that can be reached by walking along the caterpillar. On this island near a large house, we find the next stone. This house has two doors. If you knock on one of them, then a light will turn on in one window and one of the residents will say either “Bro” or “Brother”. Subtitles to help.

Further, depending on what the tenants say, one must knock either on the right or on the left door. If he said “Bro” knock on the left door, if he said “Brother” knock on the right. And so on until all the windows in the house light up. If you make a mistake, you have to start over. After all the lights are on, a memory will appear.

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