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Fire Force Online Abilities Guide & Genrations

Looking for Fire Force Online Abilities Guide? You are at the right pace. Today we will tell you everything about abilities in Fire Force Online and Also explain Fire Force Online Generation.

Your generation is classified by how familiar and controlled you are with the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. Everyone upon spawning is rolled into a Generation, there are 3 generations, Generation 1, being able to become infernals (W.I.P) or get a weapon of their choice,

For example, a shield, Generation 2 is able to control fire, but needing a source, they infuse fire with weapons, needing fuel to use fire, for example, sickle, and Generation 3, being able to eliminate fire from their bodies, for example, Devils Foot

So come and take a look at this Fire Force Online Abilities Guide & Genrations

Fire Force Online Abilities Guide & Genrations


Axe n’ Gun

Overhand Swing: Self-explanatory. unblockable.

‌Momentous Slash: The user dashes and spins with their weapon. unblockable

Axe Shot: Shoot with your axe. blockable

Hack n’ Shoot: The user sprints forward with their axe; if anyone is hit the user’s weapon is stuck into their neck until they are shot away. unblockable


Bunker Bash: The user slams their shield into the floor.

Audacious Slam: The user picks up their opponent and slams them into the floor.‌

Shield Toss: The user throw their shield, returning back to them after a second.


Missile Launch: The user leaps forward and smashes the ground. unblockable‌

Pillar Barrage: The user jabs with their twice three times into an uppercut.

Charged Assault: The user dashes in front of them, piercing anyone in their way.


People born into Generation 2 cannot use their abilities without purchasing a lighter, which can be found in the warehouse.

You need a Lighter in order to use any generation two ability, they can be found at the warehouse.


Locked On: If someone were to be sent airborne by gun combat or a gun move and this move is used, they are shot midair, unblockable.

Rapid Fire: The user quickly shoots 3 times and ends it with a heavy punch, blockable.

Velocity Control: The user redirects their bullets to their opponents.

Focused: The user enters a more damage-orientated state with all of their moves being heavily amplified.


Summon Friends: The user summons their two sputters.

Send Flare: The user sends one of their sputters forward, exploding anyone that is hit, guardbreaks.

Send Sputter: The user launches a sputter into the air and slams their opponent, blockable.

Dynamic Duo: The user dashes forward with their sputters.

Send Friends: The user rides their sputters.


Sickle Throw: The user throws a chained sickle, pulling anyone who is hit, blockable.

Spinning Sickle: The user unleashes a barrage of sickle attacks, blockable.

Air Sickle: The user propels themselves upwards and slashes directly below them, blockable.

Rythm Slash: The user throws out their sickle sideways in front of them, exploding up to three times, guard breaks.

Liberation Fist

Exhaust Punch: The user punches then releases a burst of flames.

Destructive Dash: The user dashes towards their opponent, grabs them, and sends them flying, unblockable.

Exhaust Shot: The user shoots a fireball from their palms.

Liberate Enemy: The user grabs their enemy and slams them to the floor, then proceeding to stomp on them.



Star wars reference?

This user has the Poison Augment, so their skills are green.

Iai-Calibur: The user slices in front of them. unblockable.‌

Azure Rush: The user rushes at their opponent, hitting them with a variety of slashes. blockable.

Ex-Caliver: The user creates an enormous energy slash, decimating anybody in front of them and exploding it afterwards. blockable until the explosion.‌‌

Violet Flash: The user dashes at high speeds and cuts their opponent, blockable.

Plasma Cutter: The user pierces in front of them. unblockable


Ladies Call Me The Bomb

Explosive Palm: The user creates an explosion, and as a result, creates 3 more, blockable for now.

Explosive Bash: The user bashes their opponents head in, and explodes them away, goes through block.

Explosion Blast: The user propels themselves forward, blockable.

Explosion Blast (Air Variant): The user propels themselves upward, blockable.

Infused Explosion: The user throws sticky bombs, which explode and knock back. blockable

Explosive Activation: The user’s hands become explosive, detonating their opponent every hit.


OoOo How Pretty.

Sakura Blizzard: The user throws a whirlwind of flowers, blockable.

Scattered Blade: The user chokes, brings up, then fires blades and slams their opponent into the floor with flowers, blockable.

Sakura Rush: The user turns into petals and rushes at their opponent, ending the attack with a hard hit. Blockable until the end.

Twin Blossom: The user hits their opponent two times with their hands infused with petals.

Sakura Tree: The user creates a tree, and whoever is near the tree is bound by chains, goes through block.


Strike Me Down Zeus… You Dont Have The Ba-

This user has the Life Stealers Augment, so their skills are red.

Call Lightning: The user sends down lightning from the heavens, BLOCKABLE.

Lightning Barrage: The user brings forth lightning from the skies.

Thunder Grab: The user grabs their opponent and electrocutes them, goes through block.

Lightning Rod: The user grabs their opponent with lightning and slams them. BLOCKABLE.

Electro Orbs: The user summons balls of electricity that the opponent the user attacks.

Grand Hands

Time To Scoop Some Bums

This user has the Thunder Augment, so their skills are yellow.

Grand Slam: The user summons one skeletal arm and punches their opponent, blockable.

Grand Clap: The user aggressively claps with two skeletal arms, block breaker.‌

Grand Pressure: The user hits their opponent with a grand hand and slams them downwards.

Grand Grab: Self Explanatory!

Devils Footprint


This user has the Azure Flames Augment, so their skills are blue.

Outburst: The user flies towards the enemy and grabs them choking them before letting them go, blockable.

Devilish Drop: The user propels themselves into the air and slams down with a great amount of force. block breaker.

Breakdance: The user bursts into a break dance, kicking anyone with a blazing finisher.

Heat Burst: The user releases a great amount of flames from their feet while drop-kicking.

Devil Spin: The user spin kicks their opponent, escaping combos if in one.

How to Get Generation Upgrades in Fire Force Online

Step 1: Reach Level 40

You need to reach level 40 in the game. This is a requirement for acquiring generation upgrades.

Step 2: Navigate to the City

Once you’re at rank 40, you should go to the city.

Step 3: Directions to the Upgrade Location

In the city, follow these directions:

  • Take a right turn
  • Take another right turn
  • Continue straight down
  • Take a left turn and proceed upwards
  • Then take the last right turn, followed by a left turn
  • Take a right into the building through the doors

Step 4: Find the Scientist

Once inside, talk to the scientist named Eugene who will guide you to the lab.

Step 5: Proceed to the NPC

Go all the way down in the lab until you reach an open door. There you’ll find a Non-Player Character (NPC) to whom you need to talk. Note: ignore any other NPCs along the way.

Step 6: Get and Complete the Quest

This NPC will give you a quest. You need to complete this quest to get the generation upgrade. The quest requires you to participate in faction-based events. Although it’s not explicitly stated whether you need to win these events or simply participate, it is suggested that you may need to win them.

Step 7: Complete about 20 Events

Based on information from higher-level players, it’s believed that you have to complete about 20 of these events to get the generation upgrade.

That’s for this Fire Force Online Abilities Guide & Genrations

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