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Fire Force Online Augment Tier List & Best Augment Guide

Welcome to our Fire Force Online Augment Tier List, In this Fire Force Online Augment Tier List, we will talk about each Augment available in Fire Force Online.

So come and take a look at this Fire Force Online Augment Tier List Wiki & Complete Augment Guide

Fire Force Online Augment Tier List Wiki & Complete Augment Guide

S Tier Augments (Top-tier, very impactful):

Detonation: This augment sets a time bomb on your opponent which explodes after a few seconds, dealing damage and causing a slight stun.

It may also reproc, causing the bomb to reset. This augment can allow for unique combo opportunities.

Reversal: Upon activation, this augment creates a sphere around your opponent. The next time your opponent is ragdolled, they’ll be brought back to you. This is beneficial as it allows for continuous combo execution.

A Tier Augments (High-tier, significantly useful):

Energy Siphon: This augment reduces your opponent’s ability to spam moves while increasing your capacity to do so by stealing a portion of their energy.

This can significantly handicap opponents who rely heavily on using their abilities frequently.

Probability: This augment’s effectiveness depends largely on RNG. The augment that procs can greatly enhance or diminish your build’s efficacy depending on what you get, offering a high risk/high reward strategy.

B Tier Augments (Mid-tier, fairly useful):

Poison: This augment’s effectiveness is variable. In situations where your opponent is locked in place, poison can be highly effective. However, with single-hit moves, it may not be as beneficial.

Frost: This augment reduces your opponent’s running ability but doesn’t restrict their dodging capacity. It’s a good augment for hampering enemy movement but isn’t one of the best overall.

Thunder: Thunder slows or stops your opponent in their place, causing damage if they don’t block. It’s better than Frost as it takes more control away from the opponent.

C Tier Augments (Low-tier, limited utility):

Azure Flames: This augment deals burn damage over time but is easily mitigated by an opponent simply dashing. The damage isn’t particularly overwhelming and is considered one of the lower-tier augments.

Life Stealer: This augment’s effectiveness has been significantly reduced following a nerf. The amount of HP stolen is now so low that it barely affects gameplay.

How to Obtain Augments in Fire Force Online:

There are three main ways to obtain augments, each involving a chest with a 0.1% drop chance. The methods include:

Winning Ranked Matches: Upon winning, you can spawn a chest in the main game. This chest might contain an augment.

Completing the Show Boss Fight: If you defeat the boss (minimum 200 damage for credit), you can get a chest which might contain an augment.

Participating in Global Events: Global events like turf wars and payloads can yield chests if you win. These chests might contain an augment.

That’s it for this Fire Force Online Augment Tier List Wiki

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