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Fire Force Online Faction & Sub Classes Locations Guide Wiki

Welcome to our Fire Force Online Faction & Classes, Abilities Guide. In this article, we will explain Fire Force Online Faction and Fire Force Online Classes. If want to know about clans you can read our Fire Force Online Clan Tier List

So come and take a look at this Fire Force Online Faction & Classes, Abilities Guide. Also, read: Fire Force Online Guide

Fire Force Online Faction & Classes, Abilities Guide


First of all, you need to get rank 3. Once you’ve obtained rank 3 you need to get either good or negative rep depending on what faction you’re going. Good reputation for the fire force, and a bad reputation for white-clad of course.

Reputation can be obtained by doing the good/bad endings of events or gripping civilian NPCs. Then, go to the designated base and speak to whatever admission NPC they have and finish their trials.

White clads don’t speak to any NPC, they just get teleported to it when they meet the requirements.

How do I rank up in my faction?

As you gain good/bad reputation, your rank will change.

Fire Force


Fire Force Manager

Gives you a reward scaling on your contributions to your factions.

How do I contribute?

  • You can contribute by doing the folliowing
  • Completing phone call missions
  • Completing side quests
  • Gripping Whiteclads



White Clad Manager

Gives you a reward scaling on your contributions to your factions.

How do I contribute?

You can contribute by doing the following

Completing White Clad Phone Call Missions
Completing White Clad Side Quests
Gripping Fire Force Members

Fire Force Online Sub Classes Locations Guide Wiki

1. Mechanic/Engineer Class

Teleport to the Desert.

The Mechanic Class is located in a nearby shack.

Speak to the NPC inside to get a quest that involves finding seven gadgets.

After collecting all the gadgets, you’ll unlock the Mechanic Class.

2. Scientist Class

Near the Mechanic Class location in the Desert, there are sewers.

Inside the sewers, find the Scientist Class trainer.

Speak with this trainer to gain access to the Scientist Class.

3. Priest Class

The Priest Class can be found at the Fireforce HQ.

You can teleport to the Fireforce HQ if you know how.

Look for the Priest at the entrance of HQ.

Speak to him to unlock the Priest Class.

4. Assassin Class

This class is located in the slums, which is near the hospital.

You can recognize the hospital area by the ambulance cars and trucks nearby.

In the slums, look for the Assassin teacher near a tree.

Speak to him, complete his quest, and you’ll unlock the Assassin Class.

5. Berserker Class

Teleport to Asakusa.

From there, go to the location of the ‘push the payload’ event.

At the end of this payload path, on higher ground, you’ll find the Berserker trainer.

He will give you a quest to kill a shadow. Completing this will give you access to the Berserker Class.

Sub Class Information

Subclasses are add-ons to your current ability and are unlocked through trainers. You obtain the sub class after you complete a trainer’s respective quest. (Can be obtained at rank 25)


Bug Toss

The user throws an auto aimed bug at their opponent, proccing a flame status effect and stunning them. blockable

True Form

The user turns into the form given to them by the scientific research preformed.

True Form M2

The user uses their signature ability that comes with their true form.

Compound Eye – Passive

Buffs your dodge frames.


Disappearing Act: The user throws a smoke bomb and disappears.

Inevitable Return: If the user’s parry is blocked, they teleport above their opponent and down kick them. blockable.

Backstabber: The user deals 2x damage if they hit their opponent from the back.


Deploy Turret: The user spawns a turret that shots anyone in its vicinity. blockable

Extinguisher Grenade: The user throws a grenade that disables anyone who is caught in the explosion’s abilities. unblockable

Stim Kit – Passive: All sources of regen are buffed.

Example: If you went healer stealer, the healing you’d get from M1’s would be increased.


Safeguard: The user resurrects one knocked player in their range

Purify: The user heals anyone around them.

Latom – Passive

With this passive, you deal more damage to infernal players / npcs.


Heavy Stomp: The user stomps the ground, creating three explosions in front of them.

Battle Cry: The user roars, debuffing anyones damage against them. unblockable

Gank Buff – Passive: The more people around you that you hit and get hit by, the more damage you do. Caps at 4 people.

That’s it for this Fire Force Online Faction & Sub Classes Guide Wiki.

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