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Fire Force Online Skill Tree Guide Wiki – Agility Skill Tree

Welcome to our Fire Force Online Skill Tree Guide Wiki, In this article we will show you Complete Fire Force Online Skill Tree Guide.

So come and take a look at this Fire Force Online Skill Tree Guide Wiki

Fire Force Online Skill Tree Guide Wiki

The skill tree is where you get all of your abilities and passives. They cost skill points in which can be obtained through ranking up.

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Initially, spend all your Ability Points (AP) on your abilities. You’ll have around six ability points in total.

Save two ability points for your subclass skills and one Skill Point (SP) for your actual skill.

Once you get an augment:

Allocate two points to your heat tolerance and two points to your energy. These cost one and two skill points, respectively.

Defense side of the skill tree:

Get increased defense and Rock Solid Sturdy.

Allocate points to “Resistant” depending on your build.

Make sure to get “Increase Regen,” as it significantly boosts your in-combat regeneration.

Allocate points to “Lifesaver” and “Lifestealer” if it suits your build, but these are optional.

“Healer Stealer” is not highly recommended as it reduces HP regeneration.

Offense side of the skill tree:

“Heavy Hitter” is good for slowing people, but it’s not essential.

“Brace” is not recommended due to its short effectiveness time.

“Get Back” is useful if you regularly land M1s on your opponents as it reduces incoming damage.

Avoid “Companionship” as it reduces the damage you deal to your own faction.

“Generational Trader” and “Punisher” can be considered but aren’t necessary due to their cost to benefit ratio.

Agility Skill Tree:

Get “Quick Thinker” and “Agility Increase” as they greatly lower your dashing cooldown.

Optional skills include “Ascended Reflexes” for automatic dodges and “Speedster” to increase dodge frames.

Consider “Slide Movement” for better in-fight mobility.

Miscellaneous Skills:

“Determined Soul” and “Glass Cannon” are not recommended due to their drawbacks.

The “Heat Tolerance” and “Energy Increase” skills are optional depending on your playstyle.

“Shout” is generally not recommended due to its minimal benefits.

That’s it for this Fire Force Online Skill Tree Guide Wiki – Agility Skill Tree

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