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Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List Wiki 2023 December

Looking for Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List? Today we will show you Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List. New Quincy skills have been added to Project Mugetsu and it’s about time to have a tier list for them.

Which are the best skills to have in your loadout and which one falls short of expectations? Check out below for the best skills to have and let us know your thoughts!

Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List – S-tier

Shadow: Makes you invincible by allowing you to save your state in a certain location. You leave your shadow elsewhere, take on damage, and immediately teleport back to your shadow.

  • Mastery: 80 mastery
  • Price: 80000 yens
  • Cooldown: 85 Seconds

Allows the user to mark it’s shadow on the map and teleports back to it after passed time to regain reiatsu and health.

Arrow Volley: Spams a bunch of arrows in a direction which hits several targets. Nearly impossible to dodge and deals major damage.

  • Mastery: 30 mastery
  • Price: 5500 yens
  • Cooldown: 32 Seconds

The user launches a flurry of arrows from the body. Upon successfully striking a target, the user regains 8.5 hp per hit.

Arrow Gates: Similar to Arrow Volley, it doesn’t necessarily track your target, but it’s impossible to dodge all of them because you shoot several arrows at once.

  • Mastery: 35 mastery
  • Price: 8500 yens
  • Cooldown: 50 Seconds

The user uses its arrows to create gates in the air, which can be directed and fired towards any desired target location.

Geldschrank: Deals a lot of damage, especially best paired with stunning skills like the Trapping Arrow.

  • Mastery: 45 mastery
  • Price: 25000 yens
  • Cooldown: 40 Seconds

Surrounds the opponent with a high density barrier of Reishi, causing massive explosions inside the barrier.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List – A tier

Speeding Arrow: Tracks your enemy, especially great to track enemies running away. It doesn’t need charge up and will 100% hit if they don’t block it.

  • Mastery: 0 mastery
  • Price: 0 yens
  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds

The user shoots an auto tracking arrow at the opponent, absorbing 150 reiatsu from it’s enemy and applying it to the user.

Trapping Arrow: Can be an amazing initiator to start your combo. It can stun your opponent but it’s easy to dodge.

  • Mastery: 20 mastery
  • Price: 3500 yens
  • Cooldown: 45 Seconds

User launches an arrow at the opponent, immobilizing the enemy with chains, sucking its reiatsu and transferring it to the user.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List – B tier

Triple Arrow: Has decent damage, but only a good sub if you don’t have anything better. It can also be dodged and blocked.

  • Mastery: 25 mastery
  • Price: 4500 yens
  • Cooldown: 33 Seconds

The user shoots 3 fast short ranged arrows, capable of guard-breaking through an opponent. User also gains 50 reiatsu each hit.

Ginto Grenade Toss: Deals a lot of damage but lacks combo chain potential. It may be a great finisher on stunned enemies.

  • Mastery: 0 mastery
  • Price: 1500 yens
  • Cooldown: 23 Seconds

The user throws a ginto on the ground creating an AOE explosion.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Skills Tier List – C tier

Exploding Arrow: Explodes on impact. But the skill is hard to land and the AoE isn’t as wide. Not good for a battle against players that are constantly using flash steps and dodging.

  • Mastery: 45 mastery
  • Price: 12000 yens
  • Cooldown: 28 Seconds

User shoots a large explosive AOE arrow at the enemy capable of guard-breaking its opponent, when hit it sucks the enemy in at a strong-point position.

Ginto Gritz: Has a long charge and can easily be dodged or blocked. Doesn’t deal much damage.

  • Mastery: 30 mastery
  • Price: 12000 yens
  • Cooldown: 35 Seconds

A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Ginto surrounds the enemy.

These are all the skills in the tier list for the new Quincy update in Project Mugetsu.

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