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Free Pubg Movile Walking Dead Daryl’s Bike Skin Guide

How to Get Free Pubg Movile Walking Dead Daryl's Bike Skin

Free Pubg Movile Walking Dead Daryl’s Bike Skin Guide , I will show you Guide for Free Pubg Movile Walking Dead Daryl’s Bike Skin is shared by u/Aplusho1996 on reddit so come and take a look at this How to get Free Pubg Movile Walking Dead Daryl’s Bike Skin Guide

1. What are fuels?

You can get up to 5 fuels per day

Fuels are akin to actions in a board game. You can get up to 5 fuels per day by completing all the missions (which are relatively easy). Each fuel allows you to make one move on the board, ranging from 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 steps. Fuels missions are refreshed every day at GMT+0, which allows you to get another new batch of 5 fuels.

2. What do each of the icons on the board means?

Detailed rules as to the board game

The number on each of the icon represent the amount of points you will gain/ lose when you arrive on them.As shown from below, a GREEN frame means you earn points

Kar98, Worth 5 points

RED frame means you lose points,

Georgepool Bridge, -1 point

and a GOLD frame means you earn extra rewards

Abbey, Rewards (BPs, Silver frags, timed items)

******** For the sake of getting the bike, we will AVOID THE RED AND GOLD ICONS. Gold icons only give you timed rewards and bps. We want as much points as possible, so Gold icons are of no use to us. ********

3. What are the vehicles? Should I always pick the longest distance one?

Different types of vehicles

Vehicles are essentially the amount of steps you want to take per fuel consumed. All three vehicles consume ONE fuel, travelling across different amount of distances. You want to pick the right vehicle to land on the places with the most amount of points. Below is an example:

Example: Assume you’re on the level 3 armor node

Assume you are currently in the middle of the map, just landing on a level 3 armor. Your options are

  • The motorcycle (1-2 steps) –> possible Gold reward, or a +3 points = Expected value = 3/2 = 1.5 points

  • The Tukshai (3-4 steps) –> Possible -1, or Gold rewards = Expected Value = -1/2 = -0.5 points.

  • The Rony Truck (5-6 steps) –> Possible +2 points, or a +3 points = Expected Value = (3+2)/2 = 2.5 points

As such, you would AVOID picking the Tukshai because you don’t want to risk getting a -1, but you would instead roll for the MOTORCYCLE OR the RONY TRUCK. Motorcycle gives you a lower expected points, but you have a chance to go for the latter points later on the board. If you are in a hurry closing in to the last days of the event, feel free to roll for a rony truck because that gives you more points in the short run.

4. What do I do when I reach the end?

The map will refresh, and you will be greeted with another map with different point distribution, my guess is that it will be a higher risk higher reward map.***** Every round you complete you get 2 bonus points ***** (Credits: alOOshXL)

5. Soooo…. when do I get the bicycle?

An overview of the board game

As you can see on the right, the bicycle require 120 points to redeem. This event runs for 20 days and we get 5 fuels a day. We are expected to get 120/20 = 6 points per day, averaging 1.2 points per fuel spent, which if played correctly, is relatively simple and easy to get. I suggest snatching whatever points you can get from the beginning low risk-low point area, then play it slow during the high risk-high reward area.

Good luck with your rolls!

TL;DR: Just spend 1500 UC and grab the bike from the shop if you aren’t bothered to do the event.

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