Frozen City Fish Farming Guide 2024 – Skills, Ships

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to Frozen City Fish Farming Guide Wiki, In this article, we will tell you about Frozen City Fish Farming Event Guide shared TheSilentHarp. We have also created Frozen City Last Autumn Event Guide and shared by Cafer Y. (Samuhay).

The Fish Farming event is one of the limited-time events in the Frozen City. In this Fish Farming, You have to farm a variety of sea creatures such as seaweed, oyster, crab, lobster, sardine, and tuna, and sell them for cash at the Dock. So Come and take a look at this Frozen City Last Autumn Event Guide.

Frozen City Fish Farming Guide 2024

Building Updates –

Focus on upgrading your Quantity of products (top of the two building upgrades) to level up and follow the Task List for rewards.

Ships –

Initially buy no more than 4-6 ships and keep your most recent 2-3 products selling, close any others.

Gems –

Try to spend no more than 1500 gems (as it’s top prize anyway) on Event Hero Chests. I would recommend splitting 500-1000 early on, 500-1000 later on as heroes will only unlock for buildings you have.
This will help boost production/ building costs/ selling costs.

Later on –

Upgrade Ships, Dock Levels and Building Speed to meet demand.

Cash Purchases –

Optional, please get used to the event first as these must be purchased weekly and are not lifetime purchases.
As with Grandpa’s Farm, you cannot Pay To Win, time and dedication is needed to the event whether you put cash in or play free, and free players will easily overrun paid players if the RNG is good and time is played properly.

Best of luck and hopefully updated tips next week

Note: much of Fish Farming has been about upgrading heroes, and skill books are also replaced by hero upgrades. This will mean that RNG takes a lot of precedence here.

That’s it for this Frozen City Fish Farming Guide 2024 – Skills, Ships Guide

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