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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Frozen City Grandpa’s Farm Guide, In this article, we will tell you about Frozen City Grandpa’s Farm Event Guide shared TheSilentHarp. We have also created Frozen City Last Autumn Event Guide shared by Cafer Y. (Samuhay).

So come and take a look at this Grandpa’s Farm Event Guide for Frozen City

Frozen City Grandpa’s Farm Event Guide

These are tried and tested methods for great results – it is far from the only way, but a collaboration of the community, tried, tested and collaborated for a regular top 10 spot!

Slots –
If available,

1000 on coins to start to try and get Skill Books from the slots.
1000 on coins at the end to try and get cash jackpots.
Recommended to always spin in triple Spins (x15 coins).
Personal note, I spend some of my final gems on coins in the middle to try for cash to open Milk and Pizza docks quicker.

Cash Purchases

Buy at your own leisure, BUT the event is not a Pay to Win, it will still take time and dedication, and free players have overtaken paying players with the right attention.

My personal recommendation is the Gold Statue ONLY if you have the money to spare and are dedicating the time this weekend and going for number

1. Again this will not guarantee a win. Note the statue is not a one-time purchase and must be bought again weekly.

New Players

Skill Points in the shop are a Lifetime purchase, if this is your first event, I highly recommend you DONT pick these up. Get used to the event, play around with it, and grab these next week.

They are invaluable but once you’ve bought them, you cannot gain them in a future event.

Skills Order –

Build Costs to 20
Passion to 20
Van Capacity to 20
Pizza Sales to 20
Passion to 40+
Pizza Sales to 40+
Playing free? Level Beans instead

Build Order –

Task list is very reliable with the odd exception. Focus on production buildings more than houses unless required for the task.

Docking Station, do not upgrade any stations or buy additional vans (above the 4 for tasks) until late event. Close off old stations and only sell the most recent one or two products.

Heroes –

Level evenly until you reach Pizza, then check the Production Chain and level accordingly.

Monday (End of Event) –

In the last few hours, open every dock, and upgrade anything you can to sell anything you can.

Following TheSilentHarp strategy. Here are some tips by R.A.Z:

0 gems spent 12/12 milestones in less than 6 hours more or less playtime. (Top 10 almost guaranteed if you keep the pace the 3 days)

Milk strategy, top 30 guaranteed. (Pizza is for top 3)

Very few books used:

Build: 14
Passion: 11
Farmer: 0
Bread/Eggs/Milk: 31
Pizza: 0
Van: 0

Rule 1. What matter is how much money you make. You don’t care if buildings cost a lot after you have unlocked bread.
The points you “waste” in build doesnt convert in income.

Rule 2. Rule one is overuled until you get bread. You need to get there. You have 3 options.
-Spend in corn value =waste for later=No.
-Spend in hearts (delayed boost) or build cost (instant boost). These two will always be useful so try to get a little bit of both.

Rule 3. Most of revenu come from spins. If you use x3 you can run out of coins quick or get unlucky. If you use the wheel so much that your construction times cant soak money=Wasted coins. more value later.
Spin coins once in a while to unlock upgrades and skill books to jump to the next tiers.
Try to never run out of coins.

Rule 4. Increase jackpot artificially:
a-buying truck upgrades
b-storing your highest value good. the more your store the more the jackpot increases(is limited)
c-sending 1 truck only to update jackpot

Spend books Order:

-Build and Hearts around 10-14.
-Then all in Bread/Milk the second you’re there
-Then 0 build reduction and Increase passion a bit all throught. No more than 14-15. You should reach enough passion to unlock 6 milk workers and enough beans.
No pizza shop required except to get quest coins.

-Win big
-Upgrade buildings
-Upgrade truck
-Stack more milk
-Send 1 truck
-Spin again
-Win bigger

Most of my 5th place income came from spin wins not the milk i sold.

This strategy gets you 1 to 5 ee.

Fast and cheap 12/12 which is I think what most players want.

(This strategy of course cannot beat pizza.)

Let me know if that works for you, I hope. Enjoy your easy 12/12.

That’s it for this Frozen City Grandpa’s Farm Guide Wiki for New Players

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