Frozen City Vain Castle Guide – Event Basics & Strategy

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Vain Castle is a midweek event in Frozen City. It first appeared on May 9th 2023. The event runs for three days and has 12 milestones. So come and take a look at this Frozen City Vain Castle Guide

Event Basics

All Heroes Unlocked: All heroes are unlocked for this event. The limited sources of 🤎 Heart of the Land make leveling heroes slower, but this has been somewhat mitigated by recent changes.

Worker Efficiency: Tired or hungry workers suffer a 20% work efficiency penalty. The effect is not explicitly shown, but it’s noticeable in the increased time taken to complete tasks.

Meal Importance: Basic meals aren’t enough to sustain the workers as they provide only 15 satisfaction at the cost of 10 potatoes. Chef Tony improves meal quality when leveled up to 20.

No Guard Tower: The event does not feature a Guard Tower. Workers speeds are set and were increased on May 16th, 2023.

Vain Points (VP): VPs are produced from workshops like Hearts of the Land in the greenhouse. These serve as event currency for milestone and leaderboard progress. The VP BOOST skill increases all VP output.

Furniture Tickets: Produced at the Castle Arcade, Furniture Tickets are required to upgrade the second bar on most resource buildings.

Refurbishment Skill: Use the REFURBISHMENT skill to reduce the cost of building upgrades.

Arcade Slot Machine: The Castle Arcade doubles as a slot machine where coins can be spent to earn hearts, skills, and resources. The Bonus Bonanza skill increases the chances for an additional free spin.

Heart of the Land: Heart of the Land is produced by the Greenhouse and also earned through Task Completion and Castle Treasure/Castle Deluxe Treasure Draws. Leveling the HEART OF THE LAND skill increases the amount of Hearts earned. The Greenhouse should be staffed as much as possible.

Dorms Upgrades: Upgrading Dorms beyond certain levels require blueprints. The likelihood of obtaining blueprints has been increased.

Skill Books: These are earned from the arcade slot spinning or can be purchased from the store.

Frozen City Vain Castle Guide

Event Strategy

Maximize Heart of the Land Production: With the Greenhouse as the only source, make sure to keep it staffed to the maximum at all times.

Manage Worker’s Satisfaction: Keep your workers’ satisfaction high by upgrading Chef Tony and providing quality meals to avoid the 20% efficiency penalty.

Spend Wisely: Use the REFURBISHMENT skill to reduce the cost of building upgrades and manage your resources effectively.

Try Your Luck: Use the arcade as much as possible to earn skill books, hearts, and resources.

Blueprint Acquisition: Due to dorm upgrade requirements, spinning at the arcade for blueprints should be prioritized.

Keep an Eye on VP: Constantly work on your VPs by keeping your workshops busy and increasing your output with the VP BOOST skill.

That’s it for this Frozen City Vain Castle Guide – Event Basics & Event.

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