Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List 2023 January

Hi guys, welcome to our ❄️[PAW] Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List 2023 Wiki, In this Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List, we will show you the best Legendary Fruits in the Fruit Battlegrounds. In this article, you will also learn about the Fruit Battlegrounds Fruits Tier List which is created by the game players and you can use our tier list for any game mode.

So come and take a look at this ❄️[PAW] Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List Wiki – Best Fruits Guide. Also, See – [ALPHA] Fruit Battlegrounds Codes Wiki

❄️[PAW] Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List Wiki 2023 (Best Fruits Guide)

This tier list is by no means PERFECTLY accurate but rather a general measurement made by the community + Robert POV.

All fruits are pretty damn solid. Some arguments are Ice = S tier, Gura = A Tier, but relatively all S & A Tiers are pretty solid. B and below are decent but they’re also pretty fun.

❄️[PAW] Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List 2023

S Rank:

  • Light – Entire play style can make you immortal if played right. More of a zoning / poking type of play style where you camp in the air. Especially easy to escape with the flight.
  • Quake (Low S/High A) – Fat damage, Big Hitboxes. Also has a good transportation move Slam. Simple as that.
  • Flame – High EXP gain, Solid Damage, Very good GB, a Flight move, and counters Pika playstyle due to sniping with beam. Overall very very solid All Rounder.

A Rank:

  • Ice (High A/Low S) – Inf Combo simulator, every move has some fat freezy cheesy stuff. Nuff said.
  • Sand – First move has huge AOE and a low CD. The 3rd and 4th move combo into each other and both do huge damage. We don’t talk about the 2nd move.
  • Bomb – All Rounder, mobility, ragdoll, big moves, Pretty damn solid. Also very spammy.
  • Gravity – Big AOEs, Big Range, A bit hard to hit the strongest moves though which really cripples the damage output.
  • Rubber (Gear 2nd)– Fast and Devious combos with gear 2nd. Pistol is super fast with a very low CD and auto aim, and gatling damage is very high. Without gear 2nd Rubber is C tier.

B Rank:

  • Darkness (If used right Low A) – Pretty Solid for combos, the moves are decent and biggish. The dark pull is very well and can counter air campers such as Light Users. The only downside is the damage is lower than most fruits.
  • Smoke (has 1 move thats SS tier) – The moves are pretty fast, a decent GB, and a decent fruit. The combo potential is pretty good and the damage is super solid even at low levels. It does have 1 move that does insane bonkers damage. Only downside is the fact theres some large endlag, and requires you to be up close. Also the rarity makes it look much worse than it is

C Rank:

  • Barrier (S rank in terms of “annoying your enemy”) – It’s a fat barrier bruh. It can do some funny stuff but generally it’s not that insane.

D Rank:

  • Chop (C-B rank if u can drive) – bruh it’s chop fruit bruh. goofy fruit that turns you into a convertible. It is one of the most fun fruits to play though.

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