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How to get Paris Hilton White & Pink Bunny Ears in Slivingland

Welcome to our How to get Paris Hilton White & Pink Bunny Ears in Slivingland Roblox. In this guide, I’ll be showing you all the steps to get Free Ugc Roblox Paris Hilton White & Pink Bunny Ears.

So come and take a look at this How to get Paris Hilton White & Pink Bunny Ears in Slivingland Roblox Guide

How to get Paris Hilton White & Pink Bunny Ears in Slivingland Roblox

Step 1: Understand the Event

  • The event features limited items that you can earn for free.
  • The Bunny Ears item has a stock of 4,000 units.
  • To obtain the Bunny Ears, you need to reach level 50 and then perform a “rebirth.”

Step 2: Gameplay Overview

  • The game is a simulator where you explore areas, earn XP, and money.
  • Unlock new areas for better XP and money rewards.
  • You can take pictures of items to teleport to an upload area.
  • Selling items earns you money to buy better tools.

Step 3: Initial Grinding

  • Start at level 1 by clicking rapidly to collect items.
  • Pick up everything on the floor to fill your inventory.

Step 4: Uploading and Selling

  • Teleport to the upload area to sell the collected items.
  • Remove items from your inventory to create space.
  • Receive money for the sold items.

Step 5: Upgrading Tools

  • Use the money to visit the shop and buy better tools.
  • Purchase a better backpack, camera, and other equipment.
  • Improved tools will help you earn more XP and money.

Step 6: Progression and XP Boost

  • As you progress, unlock new areas with better rewards.
  • XP and money gains increase as you explore new areas.

Step 7: Reaching Level 50

  • Continue grinding and exploring to reach level 50.
  • Aim to unlock the “Alleyway” area, which leads to level 50.

Step 8: Bunny Ears Reward

  • Upon reaching level 50, you can reclaim the Bunny Ears.
  • Don’t rush; the Bunny Ears have a stock of 4,000 units.

Step 9: Rebirthing

  • After getting the Bunny Ears, consider performing a “rebirth.”
  • Rebirthing is a game mechanic that might involve quests or cutscenes.

Step 10: Future Items and Preparations

  • There are more free items to earn in the game.
  • Check for upcoming items and dates on the in-game calendar.
  • Prepare for new items by leveling up and gathering resources.

Step 11: Item Grind and Strategy

  • Consider optimizing your gameplay strategy.
  • Unlock better tools, especially the “Third Eye Cam.”
  • Farm XP and money efficiently by utilizing the game mechanics.

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