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New Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck 92% Win rate

Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck

New Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck Hi guys TheOneToRuleAll here Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck and TodayI will talk about New Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck 92% Win rate so After taking a well deserved 4 month break away from this game I am back, and as always on the hunt to make the best Graveyard deck in the meta.

I hope this Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck  guide will inspire some people to make attempts to try and resurrect this type of post.

For those who don’t know me, I have won Best of the Sub Strategy and Deck Guide consecutive years in a row (flair shows 2017). I have over 25,000 games played with Graveyard, been Top 200 Global, and have finished Top 700. I have a family to support so unfortunately I cannot grind ladder like some of my younger, talented counterparts.

Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck

So why do I find this deck to be so successful?

First of all

The Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck is damn near spell proof. Barring a Lightning or Rocket all of your defense will survive to do their job. Even then, only the Ewiz and Mega Minion are in real danger here, and can either be spaced, played at separate times, or not at all against the threat of heavy spells. If they Lightning your Goblin Cage tell them “Thanks” because they just unleashed an ass whoopin’.

Second of all

Threat Value is everywhere in this deck. 5 of your 8 cards MUST be addressed if they have health when they cross the bridge or they will do irreparable damage. This causes your opponent to be forced to spend more elixir and keep you ahead.


The sheer amount of cards in this deck capable of tanking for Graveyard. Generally, a Graveyard deck will have 2 – 4 tanks, this deck has 6 of its 8 cards as tanks.


the Synergy and Safety of the cards in this deck. So many cards play off of one another, and compliment the other cards it is insane! If you have to use a card that uses air, you still have back up cards that deal air. If you burn a splash card, you still have cards to cover splash. The same with heavy hitting ground troops. Everything has back ups.

Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck

I do not recommend any substitutions on this Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck because they will alter synergies, and weaken you to certain match ups. The only potential subs would be Archers for Electro Wizard, and Valkyrie for Dark Prince.


Prior to your opening move you should always give your opponent the opportunity to make the first move. If they do not make a play by the 2:40 mark feel free to make the first move, this deck is full of passive opening plays.

Your 4 optimal openers (in order) will be:

Barbarian Barrel – Placed at the bridge in order to force a reaction from your opponent.

Goblin Cage – Placed 3 tiles from the river, this will force a reaction from your opponent, or your opponent may even choose not to react giving you a free 4 elixir troop to build a push with. Please note, only your first Goblin Cage should be placed 3 tiles from the river. This is safety for a Hog Rider push, later after you determine your opponent’s win condition you will place it according to match up.

Dark Prince or Baby Dragon – If the other 2 cards are not in my hand I look to my 5th card. If I see I have a back up air defense card I will likely lead with Baby Dragon, if I do not, I will lead with Dark Prince. The key is to always make sure you have a back up troop that covers the same defensive type of the troop you just deployed.


Cards in parentheses are optional to support your push.

3 Towers remaining

  • Dark Prince + GY (Poison), used at the bridge or as a counterpush.

  • Baby Dragon + GY (Poison), used at the bridge or as a counterpush.

  • GY + Poison – This should rarely be used unless the Opponent’s hand is full of splash units and you have an elixir lead.

  • Mega Minion + GY (Poison), used at the bridge or as a counterpush.

  • Barbarian Barrel + GY (Poison), used at the bridge. Be sure both cards are in hand, place GY first, then Barbarian Barrel.

  • Goblin Cage + GY (Dark Prince/Poison), used as a counterpush.

2 Towers or King Tower remaining

  • Dark Prince + GY (Poison), GY on the tower placed first, Dark Prince in the middle.

  • Baby Dragon + GY (Poison), GY on the tower placed first, Baby Dragon in the middle.

  • Barbarian Barrel + GY (Poison), GY on the tower placed first, Barbarian Barrel in the middle.


Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck Tips:

  • Hover your support spell over the tower to have a faster reaction to their counter.

  • If you get a tower down very low on HP switch to the other tower and begin whittling it down, you want to activate the King Tower as late as possible.

  • Space your Ewiz out of Fireball and Poison range when using your Goblin Cage on defense, like this.

  • The key to winning against heavy decks is to immediately drop the Goblin Cage if they start their push farther back (not at the bridge), that way you can cycle to a 2nd Goblin Cage by the time they kill the 1st one. You may also choose to pressure the opposite lane so they cannot build a full push.

Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck Match Ups:

Ice Bow – Pretty easy win, almost 0 GY counters, keep the GY close to the Crown Tower so they do not activate it with Tornado. Keep your ground units in hand to block Xbow. Barbarian Barrel + Poison the Xbow.

Xbow Cycle – Try to get Archers out of cycle and punish their tower hard. Your first GY push should be strong enough to take around half the towers life. Cycle air cards behind the King Tower. Keep your ground units in hand to block Xbow. Barbarian Barrel + Poison the Xbow.

Goblin Barrel Bait – Easy win. Poison the Princess, Barbarian Barrel the Goblin Barrel. Draw out Goblin Gang then punish hard with a tank and GY. IF they have Valkyrie then place the GY slightly off center so the Valkyrie does not kill the Skeletons. IF THEY USE RASCALS SAVE POISON FOR RASCALS AND KILL PRINCESS AT THE BRIDGE

Mortar Miner Bait – Save Goblin Cage for the Mortar. Use Dark Prince/Ewiz to block Miner. Use other cards to kill the splash units.

Lava Hound – If you can get both Guards and Minions out of hand at the same time rush them, that’s their counters. If they get a Hound down attempt the same lane defense. If you lose this you will lose the game. Don’t worry about the Hound, your goal here is solely the Balloon. Try to get a Mega Minion on it and use Goblin Cage to pull the Balloon. Use back-up accordingly, this means Baby Dragon on Minions, Barbarian Barrel on Guards, Dark Prince to pull Mega Minion, Ewiz if they have an Inferno Dragon, or Mega Minion on Flying Machine and devote the other cards to killing the Balloon. Also Dark Prince on Miner if they use that variant, you may also need to Poison the Pups depending on your remaining troops.

Hog 2.6 – Poison the Musketeer. Use Goblin Cage and support to kill the Hog. When doing a GY push try to get the Cannon and Musketeer in the same Poison for value.

Pekka Battle Ram – Use Goblin Cage or Ewiz for the Battle Ram. Stop Bandit at the bridge with Dark Prince or Barbarian Barrel. If they use Poison do a push that uses a tank with GY and Poison. You will kill their Minions and other support.

Giant OR Golem – These play out pretty much the same, be sure to apply pressure on Golem drops but don’t over commit. Leave space between your Ewiz and Goblin Cage defense. Use Baby Dragon to kill Night Witch, Mega Minion to kill their Baby Dragon, Dark Prince/Barbarian Barrel to kill their Lumberjack. Against Giant the Ewiz and Dark Prince with kill a Double Prince push with support.

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So guys this was the Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck guide I hope you liked it and this Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck guide

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