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Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck Arena 11 | Sparkey Fisherman Deck

Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck Arena 11 | Sparkey Fisherman Deck

Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck Hey guys this Sparky Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck is extremely versatile, being able to defend, counter-attack, and launch pushes. Goblin Giant is a very good card as a tank  and we have Sparky and Fisherman to support Goblin Giant and This deck allows you to defend and bait your opponent so come and take a look at this Sparky Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck`

Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck Card Role:

1.) Goblin Giant: Goblin Giant is the main win condition. He already has two Spear Goblins as support to get rid of cheap counters such as the Bats, Goblins or Skeletons. After his death, he brings down the Spear Gobs, which is perfect if you already have a Miner or any tanker tanking for them ThiS is very powerful right now and The goblin giant is the tank in this deck and at 6 elixir it’s best to only use him when the Sparky or Hunter is in your hand

2.) Sparky: Many people say that Sparky is still terrible despite the massive buff, I would disagree. Sparky adds a bait element to this deck which makes it very unique.

She constantly keeps your opponent on their toes, forcing a reaction or they’ll substance massive damage. On defence, you want to force your opponent to use his spells be able to play Sparky, Horde or Skarmy without risk.

3.) Lightning: Lightning is obviously one of the best spells at the moment which are the main parts of so many popular pushes. With 0.5s stun effect, Lightning is also excellent at dealing with Sparky Push, Double Prince push and especially Inferno Tower, the hard counter to our Goblin Giant in this deck.

4.) Guards

Guards are definitely better than Goblins/Goblin Gang/Spear Goblins in this meta , Their shields are really useful (countering Royal Ghost if surrounded) and are also pretty decent at taking out a Mega Knight/PEKKA, combined with another cheap cycle troop.

They do well against Hog/Miner, popular win conditions in ladder/challenges. All around versatility in a pile of bones!

5.) Barbarian Barrel:

It has moderate damage and radius. It can push back almost all ground units (except Battle Ram, charging Princes or heavy units like the Giant and P.E.K.K.A).vAfter rolling, it release a Barbarian. ZERO delay!

There are situations when you make pushes and want to protect it against swarms. Use Barbarian Barrel. You will have a Barbarian to strengthen your pushes afterwards.

Barbarian Barrel is very good vs Magic Archer when you don’t have any other counter in the rotation.

It is also counter glass cannons (Witch, Musketeer etc) extremely well, thus making it a great counter to beatdown pushes.

6.)Hunter: Hunter This card is very Good For 4 Elixir though, he has a lot of health and It can actually take out a Mini P.E.K.K.A if it’s dropped on top of the Hunter. The Hunter is an absolute beast on defence and can take out most units But you have to Use this card to support your Goblin Giant

7.) Snowball: Self Explanatory

8.) Fisherman: The  best defensive card in this deck and should always be used defensively and then turn into a counter push if appropriate. When combined with Hunter and Sparky it can shut down Most of the units

Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck Gameplan:

This I like to start with the Hunter, if it’s not in my hand, I try to cycle to it or I start the Goblin Giant from the back, it’s risky

If he uses the Inferno Tower to counter the Goblin Giant, don’t use the Goblin Giant until Double Elixir Time because Goblin + Lighting is very expensive Play very slow and focus on making positive Elixir trades.

This Deck’s play style can change depending on the play style of the enemy Deck. If you are playing against a slow and heavy build-up Deck, this Deck will play more aggressively as to continue to pressure the opponent so they can’t build up a huge push. 

When playing against an aggressively attacking Deck, this Deck becomes very much of a slow control Deck. Use the solid defences to defend the opponent’s fast and aggressive pushes then counter-attack with deadly force.

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So guys this was the Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck guide I hope you liked it and this Goblin Giant Fisherman Deck guide


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