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GPO Fruit Tier List Update 9 – Best Devil Fruit Guide 2023

Hi guys, welcome to GPO Fruit Tier List Update 9 – Best Devil Fruit Guide 2023. In this post you will best devil fruit in the game.

So come and take a lake a look at this. GPO Devil Fruit Tier List Update 9 (2023 January)

GPO Fruit Tier List Update 9 – Best Devil Fruit Guide 2023

GPO Devil Fruit Tier List Update 9 – Tier S

Yomi no Mi/Revive-Revive Fruit

  • E: Chilling Soul, User stomps his foot, freezing all those around him
  • R: Soul Form, User projects his soul, dealing damage
  • T: Skedaddle, User hits the griddy
  • Z: Soul Assault, User does a barrage of kicks, followed by a power kick knocking the enemy back
  • X: Death Defied, When activated user will regain a life upon them being downed
    • When revived, you will respawn with %33 of your max HP and %100 stamina
    • Cannot be used if you’re a skeleton
  • C: Soul King Roar, User lets out a roar that deals damage and stuns those around him

Magu Magu no Mi/Magma-Magma Fruit


  • Water walking ability
  • Logia dodges

E: Magma Swamp, The user turns into a slow-moving and lingering puddle of lava, dealing moderate damage to anything that comes into contact.

R: Magma Eruption, The user slams the ground, forming block-breaking lava spikes under enemies in range, and dealing good damage. Range also scales with fruit mastery

Z: Magma Fist, The user shoots a fist-shaped magma ball that deals high damage and burns.

X: Magma HoundA faster and bigger version of Magma Fist. It shows a resemblance to a hound, but in the form of magma. It has less gravity than magma fist, it is faster, and has a larger AoE.

C: Magma Rain, The user charges and performs a devastating barrage of lava.

Mera Mera no Mi/Flame-Flame Fruit


  • If using Striker boat, speed goes from 70->100
  • Logia dodges

E: Firefly, User shoots multiple green fireballs that track enemies.

  • Goes toward your cursor

R: Flame Flight, Turn the lower half of your body into flames, allowing you to fly

Z: Hiken, Fiery projection of the user’s fist, with massive AOE

X: Flame Pillar, User erupts into flames, creating a spiral of flames

C: Dai Enkai: Entei, Gigantic sphere of fire, that implodes and releases heat waves

Mochi Mochi no Mi/Mochi-Mochi Fruit


  • Logia-like dodges with Kenbunshobu V2

G: Future Sight, Upon activation, you gain immunity to anything that is not a natural block-breaker. Anything that is a block-breaker will reset and put a 25 second cooldown on your future sight dodges.

E: Mochi Barrage , The user summons multiple floating mochi donuts around their opponent, then shapes them into blockable Haki-infused arms, and have them punch the target into the ground repeatedly.

R: Power Mochi, The user quickly summons a mochi ball in their fist, and as they cast a punch, a large mochi donut is formed, releasing a large, rectangular fist, coated in Busoshoku Haki.

Y: Mochi Drops, The user summons seven blockable mochi-like droplets that pour onto the opponent dealing damage.

T: Mochi Donut Roll, The user turns into a massive donut allowing them to travel quickly on land and even climb up vertical landscapes.

Z: Chestnut Mochi, The user summons a snake-like mochi above their head that forms into a spined donut, which is then coated in Busoshoku Haki. The user then proceeds to Rapidly Launch 114 Haki spikes at the cursor.

X: Burning Mochi Punch, The user covers their arm in a block-breaking mochi punch whilst pressure ignites the projectile on fire and shoots at their opponent.

C: Mochi Buzzcut, The user shapes their arm like a giant Haki-infused Spiked Club and starts rapidly spinning it 20x, sticking all opponents in the way to it; then, they throw their arm up and slam it into the ground with extraordinary force. Also, See – Meme Sea Tier List and Project Ghoul Tier List 

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