GPO Tier List Update 8 Wiki – GPO Value List 2023

Looking for the GPO Tier List? We got you covered, check out our GPO Value List 2023 below and see the trading values of both fruits and items in a grand piece online.

Grand Piece Online is Grand Quest Games’ much-anticipated 2020 maritime ROBLOX game. There is a trading feature in the game and so many fruits and items are available. You can read below how to trade in GPO

To start a trade in the game, Tou can click the trade button next to peli On the left side of the Trade Menu, you can see your past 50 trades On the right side of the menu, you can type in a player’s name (has autofill) to send them a trade request. Incoming trades will show up in the Pending Trades box.

You can also do a Global Trade Shout with robux, and turn on/off shouts. Global shouts have a cooldown of 5 mins for each shout.

Click the + to add items (you can only add items that the other person doesn’t have)

Most items have a trade level requirement, if the person you’re trading with does not meet the required level for the item you’re trying to trade to them, then you won’t be able to add the item. For example, Sea Beast Armour’s trade level is 300, but the other guy is only level 200, so you cannot add the armour.

You can remove an item by hovering over the item and clicking X

Once you’ve decided on your items you can press accept. When both sides accept, the countdown will begin. During the countdown, please make sure that both sides have the correct items, if not then click decline to stop the trade immediately

After the trade is complete, you can rate and leave a review for the person you traded with and there’s a cooldown of 20 mins before you can review the same person.

Now you know How to trade in-game so we should go and take a look at our GPO Tier List Update 8 Wiki – GPO Value List 2023 Also, read here: GPO Codes Update 8 Wiki 2023 | Grand Piece Online Codes List

[Season 2] GPO Tier List Update 8 Wiki – GPO Value List Wiki

[Season 2] GPO Fruit Value List 2023 Wiki – GPO Value List 2023 Update 8

  • Tori-Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix
  • Pika-Pika no Mi
  • Magu-Magu no Mi
  • Mera-Mera no Mi
  • Ito-Ito no Mi
  • Goro-Goro no Mi
  • Hie-Hie no Mi
  • Suna-Suna no Mi
  • Gura-Gura no Mi
  • Zushi-Zushi no Mi
  • Bomu-Bomu no Mi
  • Gomu-Gomu no Mi
  • Bari-Bari no Mi
  • Horo-Horo no Mi
  • Mero-Mero no Mi
  • Spin-Spin no Mi
  • Suke-Suke no Mi
  • Kilo-Kilo no Mi

[Season 2] GPO Christmas Fruit Tier List 2023 Update 8- GOP Item Value List 2023 Season 2

  • Cool Shades (Immeasurably high)
  • Marine Cape (Infinity and beyond…).
  • Marine Cap (Above and beyond).
  • Prestige Candy Cane (6x/7x all fruits + huge adds or 2 Candy Canes).
  • Santa’s Candy Cane (3x/4x all fruits + huge adds).
  • Prestige Fruit Bag (2/3x all fruits + huge adds).
  • Demon Jester’s Outfit (2x all fruits + small adds).
  • Flower Bouquet (All fruits and huge adds).
  • Cupid Queen’s Outfit (Tori + Pika/Magu)
  • Azure Kraken Armour (80% of all fruits).
  • Azure Kraken Blade (Tori and big adds).
  • Elo’s Sledgehammer (Magu and adds, will soon be outdated due to inflators).
  • Santa’s Bells (Goro).
  • Purple Kraken Armour (Goro).
  • Cupid Queen’s Wings(Hie and small adds)
  • Purple Kraken Blade (Gura + Adds).
  • Tomoe Drums (Zushi and adds) lowering in value because of Cupid queen wings.
  • Demon Jester’s Scythe (Hie + Small adds).
  • Head of Ba’al (Mera adds)
  • Neptune’s Trident (Small adds can get you zushi/Gura).
  • Elo’s Egg (Tori goro small adds)
  • Flamingo Boat (Mera and adds, value may vary due to low deman)

That’s it for this GPO Tier List Update 8 2023 Wiki – GPO Fruit Value List (Trading). Also, read here: Weapon Fighting Simulator Value List and Crusaders Heaven Tier List

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