Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List Guide

Looking for Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List? You are in the right place. Today we will show you Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List. Echoes in “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” are special characters from the Wizarding World that enhance your gameplay and provide various benefits in the Dueling Club.

Each Echo represents a specific character and possesses unique powers that can greatly influence your strategies and deck compositions.

Level up Echoes to increase their Damage and HP bonuses and unlock more Card boosts. Common Echoes boost up to 2 cards, while Rare, Epic, and Legendary Echoes offer greater boosts and higher card limits. So come and take a look at this Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List – S Tier:

Newt Scamander Echo

Ability: Synergizes well with low-cost summons, allowing you to overwhelm your opponent with numerous creatures.

Constantly pressure your opponent by summoning multiple creatures and maintaining board presence. Be mindful of opponents who can counter your strategy, such as Neville Longbottom Echo, and plan your moves accordingly. Utilize multiple summonses at once to overpower your opponent when the opportunity arises.

Hermione Granger Echo

Ability: Grants a massive MP discount on your spells, opening up opportunities for powerful spell combos.

Build a spell-focused deck with low-cost spells to take advantage of the MP discount. Prioritize cards that deal significant damage or have powerful effects. Utilize spells with different elements to cover a variety of situations. Aim to overwhelm your opponents with a barrage of spells while managing your MP effectively.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List – A Tier:

Bellatrix Lestrange Echo

Ability: Offers versatility with a mix of spells and summons, enabling you to handle various situations effectively.

Take advantage of the Death Eaters summoned by Bellatrix to unleash powerful combos. Utilize spells strategically to control the battlefield and deal damage. Adapt your gameplay based on the situation and opponent’s deck composition.

Harry Potter Echo

Ability: Enhances low-cost spells, enabling you to deal substantial damage with affordable options.

Take advantage of Harry Potter Echo’s ability to boost the potency of these spells. Aim for precise targeting with your spells to maximize their impact. Be cautious when facing summon-heavy decks, as they can pose a challenge to your strategy. Adapt your spell selection based on the opponent’s deck composition.

Rubeus Hagrid Echo

Ability: Empowers decks with a powerful summon card, putting significant pressure on opponents.

Build a deck that revolves around a potent summon card of your choice. Utilize Rubeus Hagrid’s ability to enhance the summon’s effectiveness and survivability. Support your main summon with additional cards that complement its strengths.

Focus on overwhelming your opponent with the combination of your summon and other cards in your deck.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List – B Tier:

Neville Longbottom Echo

Ability: Offers excellent defense against summon-heavy decks, preventing enemy units from reaching you.

Utilize Neville Longbottom Echo to create a defensive strategy. Focus on blocking opponents’ summons and preventing them from reaching your side of the field.

Combine defensive cards, crowd control spells, and disruptive effects to frustrate your opponents. Be aware that this strategy might be less effective against decks that don’t heavily rely on summons.

Severus Snape Echo

Ability: Enhances the damage of your basic attacks, synergizing well with specific cards.

Build a deck that benefits from increased basic attack damage. Include cards that complement this playstyle, such as Time-Turner or Swelling Solution. Utilize Severus Snape Echo’s ability to deal significant damage with your basic attacks. Be mindful of spell-heavy decks that might pose a challenge to your strategy.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List – C Tier:

Weasley Twins Echo

Ability: Enhances companions and reduces their cooldowns, allowing for more frequent summoning and unique combinations.

Focus on utilizing companions effectively in your deck. Weasley Twins Echo boosts their abilities and reduces cooldowns, providing more opportunities for summons and powerful effects.

Experiment with different combinations of companions to create synergistic plays. Utilize the enhanced companions strategically to control the battlefield and overwhelm your opponent.

Dobby Echo:

Ability: Grants additional movement cards and replaces every second movement card with Apparition, providing increased mobility and evasive options.

Use Dobby Echo to create a highly mobile and elusive playstyle. Make use of the additional movement cards and the Apparition ability to maneuver around the battlefield effectively.

Utilize evasive tactics to avoid dangerous spell combinations and minimize damage taken. Consider cards that benefit from mobility or capitalize on positional advantages.

That’s it for this Harry Potter Magic Awakened Echoes Tier List

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