Haze Piece 2nd Sea Guide – Location and Get Poneglyph

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Haze Piece 2nd Sea Guide, In this article we will tell How To Get To 2nd Sea in Haze Piece and Obtain the Poneglyph. Haze Piece 2nd Sea was added in the October update of Haze Piece.

So come and take a look at this Haze Piece 2nd Sea Guide – Location and Get Poneglyph.

Haze Piece 2nd Sea Guide – Location and Get Poneglyph


Ensure you’re at least level 2,200 or in the 2,000 area.

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Locating the Dimensional Sailor:

Navigate to the starter island.

Go behind the AFK rewards area.

Speak to the NPC named “Dimensional Sailor”.

Obtaining the Poneglyph:

Head outside to an area near the starter island.

Look for spiky mountains which indicate a secret cave nearby.

Enter the cave and locate the poneglyph scroll to add it to your inventory.

Accessing the 2nd Sea:

Return to the Dimensional Sailor with the poneglyph.

Begin your adventure to the 2nd sea by interacting with the NPC.

Teleport to the 2nd sea by interacting again.

Navigating the 2nd Sea:

Upon arrival, locate important NPCs and areas:

Fruit Dealer: Known as Cynthia.

AFK rewards area.

Dimensional Sailor: For those wanting to return to the first sea.

Electro Trainer: Purchase Electro ability for 450k.

Doctor/Marine Recruiter: Offers the ability to remove your fruit for a price.

Quests and Battling:

Engage with Shinobi and Samurai (around level 200) for quests and experience.

Use the quest tracker to locate Amelia and other quest givers.

Exploring Islands:

Visit Udon Prison and set your spawn point.

Engage in quests based on your level; options include 2,400, 2,450, and 2,500 level quests.

Defeat strong opponents (with caution) for unique rewards.

Explore the snow area, where you can find a boss called Zoro (three sword style).

Bonus Activities:

Engage in fishing and combat.

Discover hidden chests for cash rewards and other goodies.

Train with various trainers and NPCs to unlock new abilities and enhance your character’s strength.


The guide primarily serves as a beginner’s introduction to the 2nd sea.

Exploration and engagement with the game’s community can provide more insights and hidden treasures.

That’s it for this Haze Piece 2nd Sea Guide – Location and Get Poneglyph

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