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Haze Piece Beginner Guide – Complete Starter Guide

Hi Guys, Today we will show you the Haze Piece and Project Haze Piece  Beginner, NPC, and Bosses list with full information. PHaze Piece is a new Roblox game, currently, this game is in Beta and You can play this game on Both Mobile and X-Box.

So come and take a look at this Haze Piece Beginner Guide – Levelling, Maps, Trainers

Haze Piece Beginner Guide – Levelling, Maps, Trainers

Starting Point: Choosing a Race

Upon joining, you can spin to select your race.

If given multiple spins, try to land on a rare or legendary race for added buffs.

Even if you get an uncommon race and few spins left, hold onto it; you risk ending up with a common race.

2. Choosing Sides: Marines or Pirates?

This choice largely influences gameplay aesthetics; however, many prefer the Pirate route.

Mobile users: Activate ‘fast mode’ for smoother gameplay.

3. Navigating the Main Island:

When you spawn, find the Navigator to set your spawn point.

Start with quests; keep defeating enemies to level up.

Prioritize allocating your stats: 70% into combat and 30% into defense.

Optional: Purchase a sword for 1,200 belly for a combat advantage.

4. Progressing through Islands:

Each island has a level requirement; ensure you’re at the correct level before venturing forward.

Always set your spawn point on each island.

As you progress, complete quests, defeat bosses, and collect useful items.

5. Gaining Fruits & Awakening Abilities:

You can buy fruits using in-game currency, Robux, or gems.

Recommended fruit for beginners: Smoke fruit.

Some islands, like Log Town, allow you to awaken your fruit’s power.

Read Our: Haze Piece Fruit Tier List

6. Levelling Tips:

Prioritize quests for efficient levelling.

Utilize high range moves to safely defeat challenging bosses from a distance.

Repeatedly defeating bosses can offer excellent experience points and sometimes rare drops.

7. Essential Currency: Belly

Various items and skills require belly (the in-game currency).

Always be on the lookout for ways to earn more belly.

8. Team Play:

Consider teaming up with friends or other players to tackle tougher bosses.

Being in a duo can increase your chances of success against formidable foes.

9. Bosses & Rare Drops:

Certain bosses drop exclusive items that can be worn to boost stats.

Some bosses need specific keys to spawn; keep an eye out for these keys.

Haze Piece NPC Guide

Stat Reset

This NPC gives you the option to reset your stats for 100 gems or 75 rbx

  • Located at Starter Island

Fruit Dealer

You’re able to spin / buy fruits from the fruit dealer with in-game currency, and robux.

$200 /50 Gems /250 Robux per spin

Spin Chances:

Common: 70%
Uncommon: 24%
Rare: 5%
Legendary: 1%

Fruit Market Prices:


spin – 25 rbx / $99k
Clear – 25 rbx / $99k
spike – 75 rbx / $99k
Chop – 95 rbx / $99k
Bomb – 105 rbx / $99k
Barrier – 105 rbx / $99k


Kilo – 349 rbx / $250k
smoke – 550 rbx / $250k


Gas – 1300 rbx / $350k
Ice – 1400 rbx / $350k
Buddha – 1500 rbx / $350k
Snow -1500 rbx / $350k
Darkness – 2200 rbx / $450k
Gravity – 2300 rbx / $450k


Magma – 2999 rbx / $900k
Light – 3100 rbx / $900k

Quest Givers

Each Island has their own quest givers which will help you level up. Some island have multiple quest givers.


Located inside New World Bar, on Starter Island.

Gives information on Pirates and Marines

Sells a bottle of “Cola” for $1k

Marine Recruiter

Located at Starter Island, Logue City, Marine Base Town and Marine HQ

  • Talk to this npc to become a Marine. Your bounty will be converted into Reputation.
  • Marines can use the bounty board to hunt down pirates for their bounty

Doc. White

Located at Logue City

Can remove your fruit for 5 gems or 25 rbx

  • He also sells Dual Swords (2ss) for $100k.
  • After obtaining 2ss V1, you can learn 2ss V2 by giving him a book, dropped by Dual Swordsman Boss.

That’s it for this Project New World Guide – Weapons, NPC & Bosses.

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