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Haze Piece Gear 5 Update log and patch notes October 2023

Finally, the Haze Piece Gear 5 Update is here and this article will show you the Haze Piece Gear 5 Update log and patch notes. Gear 5 was released in the Roblox game Haze Piece on October 20, 2023.

This update brings a new weapon, boss Kaido, and many more.  You can find the complete Update log and patch notes below.

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How to get Gear 5 in Haze Piece

How to Obtain Gear 5:

  • Reach level 3000.
  • Have the rubber fruit.

Locate Dragon Island:

  • Head to Dragon Island, specifically Oni gashima. b. Spawn the Dragon Super Boss:
  • Use the dragon orb, which is a rare 1% drop from Mace V2 boss, located on Dragon Island.
  • To spawn the dragon super boss, insert the orb at the top of Dragon Island. c. Defeat the Boss:
  • Transform into any rubber form and defeat the boss.
  • Upon defeating, you’ll obtain the “drums of Liberation”. d. Awakening Skills:
  • Go to the NPC located on the floating island of Dragon Island with the drums.
  • Speaking to this NPC will allow you to awaken skills, costing 500k and 100 gems.

Gear 5 Moves:

  • Comari Lightning: A powerful lightning strike.
  • God Clap: A potent area of effect attack.
  • Spiritual Dominance: A significant AOE move.
  • Gomu Giant Bang: Turn giant and crush enemies.
  • Baron Gun: A final powerful move.
  • Cloud Fly: Fly high in the sky with Gear 5 activated.

Haze Piece Gear 5 Update log and patch notes

Gear 5th!
New Skull Island + Increased Level Cap + Increased Bounty Cap (1.5M -> 2M)
Accessory: Horns (10% Dragon Superboss Drop) – +7.5% Fruit DMG, +1800 HP
Mace v2 (1% drop from MaceV2 Boss)
You can now trade Gamepasses, all Products, and Permanent Fruits! – These can only be traded ONCE. Trade with caution.
CODE: “GEAR5TH” – +3 Race Spins, +10 Gems, +1h x2 EXP

Gear 5 Obtain Process: (YOU MUST BE LEVEL 3000 + Have Gum Equipped + Gear2 + Gear 4)
Must spawn Dragon Superboss using Dragon Orb (1% MaceV2 Boss Drop) – located at Dragon Island/Onigashima
Dragon Superboss will then have a 100% chance to drop Drums of Liberation ONLY IF YOU’RE USING GUM. Drums won’t drop if you aren’t using gum.
You can then use this drums to speak to Incurr NPC (located on a floating island in Dragon Island) to awaken one skill at a time. Cost: 500k$, 100 Gems, Level 3000 per skill.

New Dark Fruit model
New Dragon M1s! You can now use m1s while in dragon form.
Improved Buddha look + buffed the speed + jumppower DRASTICALLY.
Doubled the speed of geppo regeneration after touching ground
Made Gear4 Book + Drums Of Liberation storable
Buffed superboss health multiplier from 9x -> 12x
You can now M1 seabeasts!
New SFX for Dark Blade X
Optimized sea 1 islands for low-end devices
Nerfed Magnet ult by 25%, and nerfed the devestation pull radius slightly.
Fixed a bug that affected touchscreen players.
Fixed a bug where seabeasts in sea 2 wouldn’t spawn unless you were near their spawnpoint.
If your spawn is on sea 2, you won’t be able to load into sea 1 until you tp to sea 2 to prevent you from any data/bounty loss.
Reduced legendary stock chance slightly
Added despawn timer to fishes. This helps optimize the game for low-end devices.
Fixed NPCs spawning underground
Fixed gear 4 flight VFX disappearing after a while
Fixed a timer issue w/ playtime rewards.
Removed yourself from gifting frame in shop
Made some trading changes. DM @Spex if anything breaks.
Reduced Tremor Key drop from 5% -> 2.5%
Moved up haki side ui
Fixed errors in pound phoenix, goro skills, water walking, stat system

That’s it for this Haze Piece October Update 2023.

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