Heavens Arena Trello & Wiki ( Beginner Guide )

Hi guys, welcome to our Roblox Heavens Arena Trello & Roblox Heavens Arena Wiki for New Players. Heavens Arena is an A fighting game featuring a large variety of anime characters.. In this Heavens Arena, we will tell you about Heavens Arena Characters, Skins, Gamepass, Gamemodes and much more

So come and take a look at this Heavens Arena Trello & Wiki ( Beginner Guide ). If you’re looking for more freebies, be sure to check out our Flavor Frenzy Codes and Project Heritage Trello

Heavens Arena Trello & Wiki (Beginner Guide)

Heavens Arena Characters

What Are Heavens Arena Characters?

Characters are the people you choose to play as.

Every character comes from a certain Anime/Manga franchise and all have different ranges of abilities.

Currently there are 46 Characters available in the game, 4 also being Gamepass Exclusive. These characters range from 12 different franchises!

You can choose what character you want to play by pressing on their icon in the “Character Menu”. In this menu you can find all your stats on your character and their moveset.

You can also choose to select a Random Character if you wanted to.

Some characters also have alternate skins that you can select, but you must unlock them first.

What Are Heavens Arena Skins?

Skins are cosmetics you can use on certain Characters.

You can get a Skin by going up to the “Skin Spinner”.

By pressing the Spin button you will roll for a random skin.

Spin ($250):

  • Common – 85% (If Duplicate Will Receive $75 Cash Back)
  • Rare – 14% (If Duplicate Will Receive $375 Cash Back)
  • Legendary – 1% (If Duplicate Will Receive $1,125 Cash Back)

Some skins are references to other characters of the same series or just another attire the character has, they can also be references to a meme and things of that sort.

What Are Maps?

  • Maps are the main parts of the game were the players fight at.
  • Every map comes from a anime/manga.
  • Currently there are 8 Maps available in the game.

Heavens Arena Trello & Wiki ( Beginner Guide )

What Are Gamemodes?

  • Gamemodes are the main modes of the game were the players fight or complete a objective.
  • Every Gamemode has a certain goal.
  • Currently there are 6 Gamemodes available in the game.
  • Sometimes for team-based rounds you will get auto reassigned to a new team. This is to rebalance uneven teams, any points earned during the match will be turned into cash automatically.
  • Upon winning a round you will be granted a floating Gold Crown above your head.


Cash is the main currency of Heavens Arena.


You earn cash by getting Points in a match, the more damage you do the more points you get. Winning a match can also give you Cash as well.

You can also buy Cash by clicking the + Sign at the bottom of your screen. Here you can spend 200 Robux for $5,000 in-game cash.

[Buying Cash GUI]


You are able to spend Cash on rolling new skins or even just buying a certain skin or character you want.

Key Words

Key Words are words that are used to describe a certain feature/attack in the game. They will be used a lot on this Trello.

(Key Words:)

Iframes – Invincibility frames, essentially a term used to describe a period of time in which a player is immune to attacks.

Tec – An animation that plays when a player’s stun timer ends. During this animation the player receives iframes for a short duration.

Grounded – A type of stun that happens when a player is slammed into the ground. During this animation the player is only able to be hit by certain attacks and is immune to all basic attacks.

Wall Bounce – An animation that plays whenever the player is slammed into a wall. During this animation the player is susceptible to any attacks until they land on the ground, in which they will then enter a tec animation.

Rush Counter – If a player uses an up launcher right before they are hit by an opponent’s rush, they will counter their rush and get a free air combo.


These are game options you can adjust to your own likening.

NOT to be confused with VIP Server Settings

Mute Music:

This option simply just allows you to mute the music. Some awakening themes will also be muted with this option.

Auto Fight:

Upon selecting Auto Fight, you will be automatically put into a match without having to press “Fight!”. You can turn this off at any time.


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