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Hi guys, welcome to our Hero Bump Beginner Guide Wiki, In this article, we will tell you about Hero Bump Heroes, Chest, Ranking, Game modes, Ranks and much more.

So come and take a look at this Hero Bump Wiki

Hero Bump Beginner Guide Wiki


Open the book on the table to access your hero collection. Archer and Aeneator will be unlocked for free as players start their heroic journey.


Each hero’s card comes with a particular Rarity. There are 3 tiers of rarity ranking from lowest to highest: Rare, Epic and Mythic. Cards of higher rarity are typically harder to come by.


Each hero has a unique skill. You need to understand the mechanics of these skills in order to build a strong deck. For instance, combining ATK-Increase Buff providers and DMG Dealers will create an offensive deck; Whereas put tanks and healers together can im- prove the defensive aspect of your deck. Watch Skill Showcases and learn more about skills in your card library.


A hero is defeated when their HP reaches 0. A hero’s Max HP increases as they level up. Each hero’s Base HP is different. Tanky heroes generally have more HP compared to DMG Dealers of the same level.


Heroes with higher ATK stats can deal more DMG to enemies on hit.


The attributes(ATR) of heroes include Weight: When two heroes with different weights collide, the lighter one will be bounced back farther away. Speed: In the same moving time, the faster the speed is, the farther the distance will be. Size: Larger heroes have a better chance to hit more targets, but they are also naturally larger targets to get hit.


A hero’s HP, ATK, and certain Skill stats increase as they level up. You need to collect Coins and heroes’ Cards in order to upgrade them. Rare heroes’ Base Level starts from Level 1. Epic heroes start from Level 3, and Mythic heroes start from Level 5. Please note, Level 15 is the Max Level for All Heroes.


You can recruit heroes from Chests: Chests of all rarities contain heroes’ cards. Shop: Check out the Shop for cards on sale. Events: Join limited-time events for card rewards. Rank Rewards: Earn more Ranked Points to obtain more cards.

Hero Bump Beginner Guide Wiki - Heroes, Skills & Decks


Open a Chest for Coins and Cards to upgrade your heroes.

There are 6 Rarities of Chests from low to high: Common Chest, Advanced Chest 1st Win Chest, Rare Chest, Epic Chest, and Mythic Chest. The chests contain cards and coins. The rarer a chest is, the more coins and cards it has. Only Epic Chests and Mythic Chests contain Mythic Cards.

Higher tier Chests contain more Heroes, Cards, and Coins. Note: The tier of the chests you al- ready own will NOT upgrade when you proceed to the next arena.

How to earn Chest in 

There are several ways to earn Chests including

  • PvP Wins: Win PvP matches to claim chest rewards. Available rarities for PVP Chests: Common, Advanced and Epic. You can own up to 4 PVP Chests at the same time.
  • Rank Rewards: Reach higher rank tiers to claim better chest rewards.
  • Season Pass Rewards: Unlock Season Pass Rewards for more chest rewards.
  • Purchase From Shop: You can buy Rare, Epic and Mythic Chests in the Shop.
  • Events: Join limited-time events for chest rewards.
  • PvE: Collect Stars and claim chest rewards. Daily 1st Win: Get a 1st Win Chest that will be instantly opened.

Chests earned from PvP Wins can be opened by Unlocking: Tap on the chest and select [Unlock] to start the unlock countdown. You can only unlock 1 chest at a time. Rarer Chests take longer to unlock.

Watching Ads: Common Chest can be opened by watching ads, but there is a daily cap on how many ads you can watch. By watching 1 ad, you will get 1 Voucher used for the Gacha.

Spending Gems: You can spend Gems to open chests instantly. Rarer Chests take more Gems to open. The spending is 50% off for the first 5 times a day. The chests you obtained from PvP Wins are the only ones that need to be unlocked. Other chests can be opened instantly.



The control method of the game is to use one hand for both aiming and power. There are two control modes(i.e., POWER OFF and POWER ON) and players can choose the one they preferred in [Setting].

  • POWER OFF: The power is not dis- played on the screen, the default is the maximum power.
  • POWER ON: The power is displayed on the screen, and the player can control it freely.


Duel is currently the major PvP game mode. More modes will be available P in future events.

  • DUEL: The goal is to defeat all enemy heroes and claim your victory. A Duel Win grants you a Chest and some Ranked Pts for ranking climbing.
  • DRILL: Players can practice their decks and heroes in Drill. All heroes in Drill will be set to Level 5. Win/Loss in Drill will not affect your Ranked Points, and no rewards if you win in Drill.


In PVE Chapters, players need to defeat enemies and reach goals to unlock clearing rewards. Clearing a Chapter with 1 Star unlocks the next Chapter. Clearing a New Chapter grants you a First Clearing Reward including Coins and/or Gems. Collect more Stars for bonus rewards.

PVE is a great place for players to learn more about the game’s physics and hero mechanisms.


Tap on the [Rank] button at the top left to access the Rank feature.

Win PvP matches and earn Trophies to collect rewards and unlock arenas. The player ill be able to get new heroes from chests after unlocking a new arena.


Recruit-The beginner tier, including 3
divisions. Trophies:0-299; Daily Coin

Scout-Including 3 divisions.
Trophies:300-699;Daily Coin Cap:300

Guardian-Including 3 divisions.
Trophies:700-1199;Daily Coin Cap:450

Gladiator-Including 5 divisions.
Trophies:1200-1999; Daily Coin Cap:600

Centurion-Including 5 divisions.
Trophies: 2000-2999; Daily Coin Cap:750


You can earn Trophies when you win PvP matches. Or you will lose Trophies. The Trophies earned or lost will depend on the Ranks of your matched opponents. You will get more Trophies if you defeat opponents with higher Ranks; you will lose relatively fewer Trophies if you lose, and vice versa when your Rank is higher.


When a season ends, the player’s rank will be reset to a lower tier. The player will receive a bonus chest at the end of a season. The higher the rank tier, the better the rewards it contains.

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