Hero Siege Nomad Build Season 18 ([monthyear)]

Welcome to our Hero Siege Nomad Build Season 18, in this guide you will get to know about Hero Siege Nomad Build Season 18 from Talents/Hero Levels, Equipment, Necklace, and Relics to Rune.

All tests on this Nomad build were done at Hero Level 0, in 10/10, 99% gear. So come and take a look at this Hero Siege Nomad Build 2023 Wiki

Hero Siege Nomad Build Season 18 ([monthyear)]

Talents/Hero Levels

There really is not a whole lot to say about the skills here. This is just overall the highest dps setup I could find on the “Nomad”.

Skill 1 and 2 are Sand Tremor – deals AoE damage in a large area around you.
Skill 3 is Wind Slash, this skill slashes enemies in front of you reducing their wind resistance.
Skill 4 is Sandstorm, this skill does a large amount of area damage with a huge range.
Cast all skills on cooldown.

Here is an example of the hero levels once they have been set at Hero Level 100.

Equipment Overview

Necklace – Kallik’s Fury
Helmet – Nomad’s Sand Bandana
Charm – Lost Sun Dial
Weapon – Ascendancy
Chest Armor – Nomad’s Battlerobe
Shield – Shield of the Abyss
Gloves – Nomad’s Sand Mitts
Belt – Hatshepsut’s Girdle
Ring – Iron Ring of Prometheus
Potion – Sung Lee’s Unleashed Rage
Boots – Wind Walkers
Rune – Dau Rune


“Kallik’s Fury” is a good amulet for this build because of the Attack Speed, All Talents, and Aps. it provides.


“Nomad’s Sand Bandana” is part one of a three part set that makes your “Eye of Ra” skill hit 20 targets instead of 3. This item gives pretty decent Attack Speed.


“Lost Sun Dial” is a charm that provides a large boost to Speed, Wind Damage%, and Attack Speed, making it a very good choice for this build.


“Ascendancy” is the go to weapon for this set up. It provides the build with insane amounts of Attack Speed, All Talents, and some Elemental Damage. Flash Fire is hands down the best Angelic Ability to get on this weapon.

Chest Armor

“Nomad’s Battlerobe” is part two of a three part set that makes your “Eye of Ra” skill hit 20 targets instead of 3. This item gives your good Strength%, Attack Speed, and Health%.


“Shield of the Abyss” is the build. This shield gives you Khamsin, which is a 10% chance on auto attack to spawn a Sandstorm. With this build you will be overlapping Sandstorms like no tomorrow. Resulting in full screen obliteration. It also gives good Attack Speed and Wind Damage%.


“Nomad’s Sand Mitts” are part three of a three part set that makes your “Eye of Ra” skill hit 20 targets instead of 3. These give some Strength and Wind Damage.


“Hatshepsut’s Girdle” is a good choice for this build due to its good Wind Damage%, and Attack Speed. Can also use a Belt of Skulls if you want.


“Iron Ring of Prometheus” Is GG for this build, “IF” you can get it with Moonshine Madness. If you cannot get one with Moonshine Madness, You can use a Demon Eye Ring or really any ring of your choice.


“Sung Lee’s Unleashed Rage” is the best option for this build. It gives a crazy amount of Attack Speed.


“Wind Walkers” are the go to boots for this build, they give unreal Strength% and Attack Speed.


Use “Dau Rune”..



This is overall the best set of relics for this build. If you have anything you would change here feel free to and if you find that it’s better for some reason please let me know so that I may update the guide to match.

That’s it for this Hero Siege Nomad Build Season 18, This Hero Siege Nomad Build is created by Fablephantom. Incase you’re looking after some more builds for other classes also, check out Fablephantom Twitch.

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