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Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List Wiki & Beginner Guide

Looking for Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List Wiki? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you the Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List and some beginner guides.

So come and take a look at this Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List. If you are interested in other mobile games, make sure to check our Higan Eruthyll Tier List.

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List

The “Heroes” in the game are the characters you will use to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Not all Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Characters are strong; some perform best when coupled with specific characters or require synergy, whereas others are effective throughout all game types and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.

You can use our list of tier list to determine which ones are the best characters in the game. Let’s take a look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide before moving on to the actual tier list.

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Characters is ranked in Four primary Tiers on this list: Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A, and Tier B.

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List – Best Heroes

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Tier List - Best Heroes

Heroes Awaken Idle RPG Guide Wiki

Swift Awaken

Jeatah was born into a warrior family living deep in the Certra forest. One day, while scouting at the edge of the forest, she stumbled upon an area infected by a dark magic.

Skills & Abilities:

Alphonse’s Soul Javelin (Skill Awakened): This ability allows Jeatah to create a shield that covers all allies, which will explode when it’s broken.

Holy Spear (Ultimate): In her Awakened form, Jeatah releases a lance into the sky. As it falls and makes contact with the ground, it explodes, dealing significant damage.

Wide Purification (Ability): After every two attacks, Jeatah’s next hit will be enhanced, dealing more damage.

Fight to the End (Signature): When Jeatah attacks the same target consecutively, her attack speed increases, allowing her to deal damage more rapidly.


When people hear the name Fellow, they think of power, talent, ambition, and strength. Becoming a trusted lieutenant of Wye seemed like he had it all, but he knew it would take much more to satisfy his ambitions.

Skills & Abilities:

Despot (Skill Awakened): With this ability, any enemy that dies around Fellow deals damage to surrounding enemies.

Demon Curse (Ultimate): Fellow transforms and siphons life force from all enemies, enhancing his own health.

Exploit (Ability): Fellow harnesses the souls of his enemies to increase his armor, making him even more resilient in battle.

Overwhelm (Signature): When Fellow uses Demon Curse, his enemies are lifted up, leaving them vulnerable to additional attacks.


Swift, a Taron beastman, has had a profound connection with all creatures from a young age, earning her the title of the ‘queen of the forest’. Accompanied by her faithful wolf, Rael, she embarked on daily adventures within the forest depths.

Skills & Abilities:

Guardian (Skill Awakened): As Swift’s health decreases, her attack, defense, and attack speed increase, demonstrating her fierce will to survive and triumph.

The Fury of the Wild (Ultimate): Swift enhances her attack speed, defense, physical resistance, magic resistance, and becomes immune to all crowd control effects, embodying the true wrath of the wilderness.

I Am Not Done Yet (Ability): When Swift’s health runs low, she generates a protective shield and increases her lifesteal, showcasing her indomitable spirit and refusal to yield.

Summon Comrade (Signature): At the beginning of each battle, Swift summons her trusted wolf, Rael, to assist her in the attack.


Haunted by his past and disturbed dreams, Van wakes up every day in a cold sweat. These recurring nightmares served as a grim reminder of his past, turning his sleep into a distressing ordeal. After years of relentless training and escaping his past, Van embraced his destiny, transforming into a formidable Zombie Hunter.

Skills and Abilities:

The Art of Assassination (Ultimate): Van uses a unique approach in combat, altering his weapon based on his health levels to inflict damage on his enemies. His ability to adapt to his circumstances makes him a volatile opponent in the battle arena.

Sudden Death (Ability): Van uses a calculated approach in his attacks, reinforcing his basic attacks based on his adversary’s health. This strategy allows him to deal devastating blows when they’re least expected, keeping his foes on their toes.

Surprised Yet? (Signature): Accumulating enough sword attacks allows Van to switch tactics drastically. He pulls out a gun to inflict substantial damage on his enemies, adding an element of surprise to his combat style.

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