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Hi guys, Welcome to our Hero’s Ultimatum Trello, In This Hero’s Ultimatum Trello we will tell you Hero’s Ultimatum Basic information like Skills, Shops, and much more.

So come and take a look at this Hero’s Ultimatum Trello.

Hero’s Ultimatum Trello Wiki


The Appearance and and Quirk are randomized, rerolls can be purchased. Press M to open the menu.

Skill Shop

The skill shop of the game. Skills can be purchased with money, every skill has a rank requirement.


You get +1 in every stat and+3 for you to assign yourself per level up.

– Power – increases damage output of moves in the power category, boosts your overall damage

– Agility – increases damage output of moves in the agility category, increases walkspeed

– Quirk – increases damage output of quirk skills, reduces stamina costs and cooldowns. Can unlock special interactions for some quirks.

– Defense – increases maximum HP

– Stamina – increases maximum Stamina

Hero’s Ultimatum Factions

Hero/Villain Faction

In Hero’s Ultimatum, the faction plays an important role as you have to fully progress your faction to be able to purchase and use Gadgets. You are also able to unlock confidants depending on the faction you chose.

Hero’s Ultimatum Trello Hero Factions

Progression To Hero

Entrance Exam

In order to be able to attend classes you have to pass the UA entrance exam.
You need 100 positive rep and $350 in order to participate.
Talk to the Rat Principal at the UA (see here: UA) to try for the entrance exam.

Hero Lessons

You need to attend 3 Lessons by talking to the Hero Teacher inside of the UA classroom, to enter you must have 100 positive rep and you must have passed the entrance exams.
After you’ve attended a lesson there is a 10 hour cooldown (5h with the daily quest GP) before you can attend another lesson.

After you’ve finished all of your lessons you have to wait another 5 hours and talk to the teacher again for your graduation.

Upon graduation you get your provisional license, to become a full fledged Hero you talk to the UA Executive, he will give you a quest which requires you to go to the Heroes Association (see here: Heroes association) and talk to the Hero Association President.

Mob Rewards

City Npcs:

Positive rep:

Bully: $2, +1 rep
Thug: $20, +4 rep
Villain: $35, +4 rep
Corrupt Police: $30, +5 rep
Gentleman: $30, +5 rep
Convict: $50, +5 rep
Strong Villain: $55, +12 rep
Thug Boss: $80, +35 rep

Negative Rep:

Child: $1, -2 rep
Civilian: $10, -2 rep
Hero: $35, -4 rep
Police: $30, -5 rep
Unarmed Police: $20, -6 rep
Strong Hero: $50, -12 rep

Neutral/No rep:

Boxer: $20
Escaped Gorilla: $22
Karate Student: $30
Beach Bandit: $55
Nomu: $600

Jungle Npcs:

Negative Rep:

East Tribe Civilian: $10, -3 rep
West Tribe Civilian: $10, -3 rep

Neutral/No rep:

Snake: $10
Alligator: $15
Bear: $30
Temple Guard: $50
Evolved Gorilla: $70
King of the Jungle: $750

That’s it for this Hero’s Ultimatum Trello Wiki – Factions & Gadget list

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