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How to Ascend Champions in Anime Champion Simulator

Welcome to our How to Ascend Champions in Anime Champion Simulator. In this game, ascending your champions gives them enhanced capabilities.

So come and take a look at this How to Ascend Champions in Anime Champion Simulator.

How to Ascend Champions in Anime Champion Simulator

Introduction to Ascending:

Ascending is the process of upgrading your characters or Champions in Anime Champion Simulator.

2. Preliminaries:

Ensure you are subscribed, have notifications on, and consider joining the game’s Discord for community support. The link is usually provided in the video descriptions.

3. Unlocking the Machines Area:

Your primary goal is to unlock the final world. It’s within this world that you can access the machine’s area.

Once in the world, navigate to an area titled ‘the machines’.

4. Understanding the Machines:

Within ‘the machines’ area, you’ll find two key machines:

The Essence Machine

The Ascension Machine

5. The Role of Essence:

The Essence Machine allows you to sacrifice units and convert them into Essence.

Essence is a crucial component for ascending champions.

In your inventory, Essence is categorized as mythical, legendary, common, rare, and epic.

6. Ascending Process:

Go to the Ascension Machine.

For example, if you want to ascend a common champion like ‘Palm Star’:

  • Select Palm Star from your list.
  • Sacrifice another identical unit (another Palm Star).
  • Convert and complete the process.
  • Note: Common Champions can only be ascended once.

7. Ascension 2:

For a higher-level ascension, you’d need 500 million yen. This might take some time to accumulate.

8. Review:

The Ascension system is structured in a way that takes effort and time to unlock higher levels, making the gameplay challenging yet rewarding.

While the system is easy to navigate, the main challenge lies in unlocking the machines area.

Unlocking the machine area is the most challenging part, but with dedication and gameplay, players can achieve this.

Always reach out to the community for help or questions.

That’s it for this How to Ascend Champions in Anime Champion Simulator

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