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How to Find Leviathan Boss Spawn Location in Blox Fruits

Welcome to our How to Find Leviathan Boss Spawn Location, In this article we will tell you about How to Spawn Leviathan Boss in Blox Fruits. The Leviathan Boss is a formidable adversary in Roblox’s Blox Fruits.

Defeating this boss can reward you with the coveted Leviathan’s heart, a rare item used to unlock the Sanguine Art. This guide will show you the exact steps to find and spawn this mysterious boss.

How to Find Leviathan Boss Spawn Location in Blox Fruits


  • Access to Sea number two in Blox Fruits.
  • 1,500 fragments (and potentially up to 6,000 for the full experience).

Step-by-step Guide:

Introduction to the Leviathan Boss:

This boss, once spawned, offers players a unique challenge.

Defeating it yields the Leviathan’s heart, a key component for unlocking the Sanguine Art.

Locating the Necessary NPC:

Travel to Sea number two.

Look for an island which is mostly grassy, with a few trees. The distinctive features are some white buildings with blue extensions.

Find the NPC situated next to a tree on this island.

Interacting with the NPC:

Approach and interact with this NPC.

Choose the option to “bribe.”

Spend 1,500 fragments to get the boss to spawn. However, remember that some sources mention a total of 6,000 fragments might be required.

Crafting the Monster Magnet:

Before attempting to spawn the Leviathan, you’ll need to craft a Monster Magnet.

This is unlocked after crafting both the Shark tooth necklace and the Terror Jaw from the Shark Hunter.

Keep in mind that the Monster Magnet will be consumed once used.

Bribing the Spy at Tiki Outpost:

Head to the Tiki Outpost and find the spy positioned there.

Bribe the spy, potentially costing up to 6k fragments.

The uncertainty surrounds whether these fragments need to be contributed by a single player or if they can be pooled from multiple players.

Locating the Leviathan:

Once you’ve received confirmation that the Leviathan has surfaced, venture to the level 6 danger zone.

Use the rock formations and the danger meter as your navigation guide.

Summoning the Boss:

Upon reaching the level 6 danger zone, deploy the Monster Magnet you crafted earlier to attract and spawn the Leviathan Boss.

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