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How to get Midnight Valkyrie in Rap battle Simulator

Today I will tell How to get Midnight Valkyrie in Rap battle Simulator. In a recent update, Roblox Rap Battle Simulator has introduced a new UGC limited event featuring the Midnight Valkyrie.

This guide will help you get Midnight Valkyrie limited item in Rap battle Simulator.

How to get Midnight Valkyrie in Rap battle Simulator

Steps to Obtain the Midnight Valkyrie:

Introduction to Rap Battle Simulator:

Rap Battle Simulator is similar to arm wrestle simulator where players train up and click to earn balls (rap power).

The more you click, the more balls you earn.

The more rap power/balls you accumulate, the more damage you do in battles.

Battling in the Game:

Battle different rappers in the game to earn rewards.

The faster you click, the better chances you have to win battles.

Main Task:

To get the Midnight Valkyrie, you need to defeat four characters: Rap God, Mafia Boss, Chem Teacher, and Caveman.

Defeating the Rap God:

The Rap God has 125k rap power.

If you are on a PC, consider using an auto clicker to make the task easier.


Some players give away game passes or pets which can help in speeding up the process.

Starting Tips for New Players:

Spin the wheel on the right of the game screen to get some rap power.

Claim daily rewards and playtime gifts for additional benefits.

Importance of Pets and Codes:

Pets enhance your rapping strength. The better the pet, the more rap power you get with each click.

Redeem codes like Nathaniel, Trevor, cart, and prisoner for potential boosts.


Rebirthing offers a 5% bonus on clicking, speeding up the process.

Defeating Other Characters:

To get the Midnight Valkyrie, focus on defeating the best rapper in each area:

Mafia Boss

Chem Teacher



Focus on getting good pets.

Buy microphones to get boosts using the fame earned from defeating opponents.

Get trails to train more quickly, reducing the cooldown between clicks.

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