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How to get Quirk Rerolls in Anime Champions Simulator

Welcome to our guide on How to get Quirk Rerolls in Anime Champions Simulator. In this article, we will tell you some best ways to earn Quirk Rerolls in ACS. In Anime Champions players often find themselves struggling to farm rerolls, especially after recent nerfs.

This guide will help you get the most out of your farming time and quickly rack up those valuable rerolls. So come and take a look at this this complete article.

How to get Quirk Rerolls in Anime Champions Simulator

Understanding the Nerfs:

Initially, farming thousands of medals or Quark rerolls was straightforward. However, due to recent changes, this has become more challenging.

Farming world bosses isn’t as efficient as before.

Focus on Raids:

Raids, specifically hard raids, are the new farming ground for rerolls.

While hard raids are intended for group play, some end-game players can solo them. But remember, soloing might not always be efficient.

Boost Your Efficiency:

Invest in utility teams. Aim for teams with double lucky quirks and double drop quirks, as they maximize your reroll drops.

Your main goal should be to have a full team – ideally, 7 or 8 units for each drop and luck. As you gather more units or equipment over time, these will be ready to be incorporated into your farming strategy.

Choose Your Raid Difficulty Wisely:

Though hard raids seem tempting, easy raids can be just as lucrative, and they take significantly less time.

Completing an easy raid can yield about 80 rerolls in under a minute, which is almost the same as what you’d get from a hard raid.

Maximize Raid Runs:

Once you finish the raid and collect your reward, teleport back to Champion City.

Re-enter the raid and repeat. The quick loading times make this process swift and efficient.

Avoid opening chests during raids, as they usually yield minimal rewards.

Note on Potential Future Changes:

Game dynamics can change over time, so always be on the lookout for updates or nerfs that might affect the farming strategy.

That’s it for this How to get Quirk Rerolls in Anime Champions Simulator.

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