How to Kill Voldemort in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Aaqib Javed
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Looking for How to Kill Voldemort in Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide? Today we will tell you tips to Kill Voldemort. In the early stages of Harry Potter Magical Awakening, players encounter a challenging battle against the formidable dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. However, with a well-executed strategy and the use of Thunderstorm spells, defeating Voldemort can become much easier.

This Harry Potter Magical Awakening Kill Voldemort Guide will provide you with some tips on how to successfully Kill Voldemort in Harry Potter Magical Awakening.

How to Kill Voldemort in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


Before engaging in the battle against Voldemort, ensure that you have an ample supply of Thunderstorm spells. These spells are crucial for dealing damage to Voldemort and clearing the summoned units. Stock up on Thunderstorm cards, and make sure your character is equipped with appropriate gear and abilities.



During the battle, position yourself behind Voldemort. This location offers you a strategic advantage by minimizing the need to move and allowing you to focus on casting spells.

Thunderstorm Attacks:

Begin the battle by casting Thunderstorm spells repeatedly. The area-of-effect damage from Thunderstorm will not only damage Voldemort but also clear out any summoned units he may have.

Resource Management:

Monitor your resources, particularly your mana or energy, as Thunderstorm spells require a significant amount to cast. Ensure that you have sufficient resources to continuously cast Thunderstorm throughout the battle.

Spell Timing:

Time your Thunderstorm casts strategically. Wait until Voldemort has summoned a significant number of units before releasing a Thunderstorm. This will maximize its effectiveness by damaging multiple targets at once.

Defensive Measures:

While Thunderstorm is effective at dealing damage, it is essential to remain mindful of your character’s health. Utilize defensive spells and healing items when necessary to sustain yourself during the battle.


If you are playing with friends or allies, coordinate your attacks and communicate effectively to optimize your strategy. Assign specific roles to each team member, ensuring someone is dedicated to healing and support while others focus on dealing damage with Thunderstorm.


As the battle progresses, Voldemort may modify his tactics or introduce new challenges. Stay alert and adapt your strategy accordingly. Continue using Thunderstorm to clear summoned units and damage Voldemort whenever possible.

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