How to level Up Card Level in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Looking for How to Level Up Card Level in Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide? You are at the right place. Today we will tell you about Card Level Up Guide.

In Harry Potter Magical Awakening, strengthening your cards is essential for enhancing your abilities and progressing through the game. This Card Level Up guide will help you to learn how to level up your cards and the benefits that come with card upgrades.

How to level Up Card Level in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Card Enhancement Method:

The primary method of strengthening cards in Harry Potter Magical Awakening is through leveling them up. Follow these steps to level up your cards effectively:

Use the Same Cards and Coins:

To level up a card, you need to consume cards with the same name and coins. Gather multiple copies of the same card to use as materials for leveling up. The higher the level you aim for, the more cards and coins you will need.

Universal Cards:

Collecting multiple cards with the same name can be challenging, particularly for Epic or higher rarity cards. In such cases, you can use universal cards as substitutes. Universal cards are unique resources that can be used in place of cards with the same name, but only to level up cards of the same rarity.

Benefits of Upgrading Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened:

Leveling up your cards in Harry Potter Magical Awakening provides the following benefits:

Increased Card Performance:

When you level up a card, its overall performance improves. For summon cards and companion cards, their stats such as HP and attack power increase. Spell cards become more potent, enhancing the effects of the spells they cast.

Spellbook Level Up:

In addition to boosting the card’s performance, leveling up a card also increases the level of your spellbook. Increasing the spellbook level grants you personal advantages, including higher HP and attack power. This benefits your character’s overall strength and survivability.

Guide for Level Up Cards:

Collect Same Name Cards:

Efficiently strengthen your cards by collecting multiple copies of the same card. Participate in events, complete quests, and explore various game modes to increase your chances of obtaining cards with the desired name.

Prioritize Card Rarity:

Focus on leveling up cards of higher rarities, as they often possess stronger abilities and better overall performance. However, keep in mind that collecting cards with the same name at higher rarities can be more challenging.

Utilize Universal Cards Wisely:

When you struggle to acquire enough same name cards, use universal cards as substitutes. Prioritize using universal cards for higher rarity cards since they offer better benefits when leveling up.

Balance Card Upgrades:

Distribute your card upgrades strategically across different card types. Enhance summon cards, companion cards, and spell cards based on your preferred playstyle and character build.

Manage Resources:

Regularly check your card inventory and available coins to ensure you have enough resources for leveling up. Plan your upgrades wisely and avoid wasteful consumption of materials.

By following this How to level Up Card Level in Harry Potter Magic Awakened guide, you can effectively strengthen your cards and reap the benefits of leveling up in Harry Potter Magical Awakening.

Collect same name cards, use universal cards when necessary, and prioritize upgrading higher rarity cards. As you enhance your cards, you will witness improved performance and experience the growth of your character’s spellbook. Best of luck on your magical journey.

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